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Do your irons inspire confidence?

One of the biggest mistakes that most golfers make is playing irons that aren’t forgiving enough. But a lot of players don’t want to lose out on that classic compact shape of a tour iron.

Titleists T200 irons offer the best of both worlds. This iron is compact and has great distance features. Its a great looking tool for mid-handicap golfers.

T 200 Irons Review

Titleist offers many irons, including the T100 and T200 models, T300, T400, T300, T300, T400, T400, CB and MB models. Each iron is tailored to a different golfers needs based on forgiveness and workability.

The T200 irons are a “Tour Distance” iron that is geared toward more consistent golfers. The T100 irons are the most forgiving of the T-models, while the CB or MB iron sets are geared towards low handicap or scratch golfers.

The Key Takeaways

  • Titleist offers six types of iron sets, each suited to different player types.
  • The T200 are great for middle-handicap golfers, based on their design.
  • The T200 Utility Builder is also available. This is a long-iron replacement that comes in a 2-4 Iron.

Continue reading to discover why we love these clubs and how they can improve your game.


Tour Distance Iron

The T200 irons can be compacted but still be considered a distance iron. I wouldn’t consider them a game improvement iron in any way as those are more the T300 or T400.

According to Titleist “The T200 evolution represents the biggest shift within the T-Series with a sleeker shape, shorter blade length and thin topline. They feature the same minimal offset as T100 and T100•S to enable seamless set blending.”

They were able shift the CG to make them fast and high-launching.

Powerful Design

These clubs look amazing from every angle, as the images show. These clubs hollow bodies improve misshits and allow for longer shots due to their faster ball speeds. The muscle plate is a great addition to your performance.

Here’s what Titleist said about the new plate in these irons. “The plate’s specific composition and structure help tune acoustics and vibrations to produce a more satisfying sound and feel at impact while also allowing weight to be shifted for precise CG.”

Stock shafts for Steel and Graphite

While the heads of the Irons are great looking and perform, golfers can also choose from a wide range of graphite and steel shafts. Its easier to find the one that suits your swing speed and trajectory with more options.

The available graphite shafts include the Mitsubishi Tensei AV White or Blue. The white shaft launches at the lowest level while the red shaft launches at the highest. Depending on the flex you choose they’re between 55 and 110 grams so make sure to choose carefully.

Many golfers who use these irons will choose steel shafts because they require faster swing speeds. Players can choose from True Temper AMT White, Black, or Red shafts… not to mention the Project X as well. Faster swinging golfers will likely play the Project X or the True Temper AMT White as they’re low launching and heavier.

All iron comes with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet3460 White Flat Cap grip. These are 52g in the standard size, but can be upgraded to midsize.


T200 Utility Build

Lastly, we can’t forget to mention that you can always buy the T200 in a “Utility Build” as well. This is a long-iron replacement in a more flexible driving iron that will increase forgiveness and launch.

Here’s what Titleist said about these long irons, “The T200 (Utility Build) irons are designed for the better player who is looking for increased launch and speed at the top end of their bag. Available in 2-, 3- and 4-iron lofts and paired with hybrid graphite shafts.”

I’ve played their older model of this club for years to replace my 4-iron and absolutely love it. The hybrid graphite shaft allows you to swing the club quickly and improves your launch angle. This shaft is great if you prefer hybrids over irons.

The U505 iron is a slightly more flexible version of the T200. We’ve got a full Titleist U505 review here.

Titleist T100 vs. T200 Comparison

If you’re trying to figure out which iron is the best for your game, let’s compare the two popular sets from Titleist.

  • Each set has the exact same lie angles.
  • T100 are made for players who have low single-digit scores and have weaker lofts.
  • The T200 set does. NotIf you want to offer a 3-iron, then you should buy the Utility Builder version.
  • The T100S is very comparable to the T200 as they’re the same length, loft, and lie angle. The T100Ss clubhead is slightly smaller than the T200Ss.

Both irons are now available in a limited edition featuring a black clubhead and a Titanium Carbide Vapor coating. These irons are among the most beautiful, as they have a black design instead of the chrome.

If you’re still not sure which Titleist irons are right for your game, make sure to use their Iron Selector Tool.


FAQs About Titleist Irons

If you have more questions about Titleist irons keep reading to see if they’re right for your golf game.

What handicap should use the T200? Can a high handicapper use T200?

A high handicapper should avoid the T200 irons entirely; instead, opt for the T300 or T400 as they’re much more forgiving.

Titleist states that the T200 irons can be used for, “The player who wants distance help, without sacrificing looks, feel, trajectory, or stopping power.”

Is T200 a game-improvement iron?

The T200 is not a game improvement tool, but a players club. The lofts are stronger and more durable than the T100, but they are still not as forgiving.

Are the T200s forgiving?

These irons are easy to use, but they have a tendency towards more workability than forgiveness and distance. They’re geared toward someone who can shoot in the mid 70s to low 80s.

But if you’re still not sure if it’s never a bad idea to get an iron fitting to find the right model. You can also try out different iron shafts and see which one best suits your game.

Is T200 better than T100 in terms of forgiveness?

Yes, the T100 has the lowest forgiveness of all the T-series.

Here’s what Titleist said about who should play the T100. “The player who wants the exact look & feel of the most played Tour iron but wants to hit it farther.”

Some golfers may choose to use the Titleist MMB irons, which are more forgiving and are used almost exclusively by Tour players.

My Experience

These irons are very well made and feel great. They’re compact but still make you feel like they have your back if you have a mishit.

Plus, the Utility Blend is a great idea for 3 or 4-iron as a 3-iron isn’t offered in this set. By swapping the normal shaft with a graphite hybrid shaft I’ve never had more confidence in my long irons. Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase and feel like my approach shots are about to be a lot better.

Final Thoughts

Titleist produces some of the most beautiful irons on the market. They have a variety of irons to suit your needs, including a distance iron, game improvement iron, and a muscle back. These clubs come in a new black version that is absolutely stunning.

The T200 irons are great for long distance play. They look almost like a club due to their compact shape. These clubs are easy to hit higher, thanks to their hollow body construction and redesigned CG.

There are many stock and graphite shafts that can be matched to your swing speed. These shafts are great for golfers with lower to mid-handicaps who are moving toward single digits.

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