Titleist TSR Driver Review: Best Titleist Driver Ever?

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If you don’t love your driver, you’re making golf 10X harder on yourself.

The Titleist TSR drivers might be just what you need as they’re great looking, high performing, and got some nice upgrades in 2023. If you’ve played the TSi series from the last few years, chances are you’ll love these clubs even more.

If you haven’t played a Titleist driver for a while (or ever) I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the newest driver lineups. There are four drivers in the series, so there is one for you. Let’s get into the technology, which player should play each type of club, and more to see how they might make golf a little easier.

Titleist TSR Driver Review

Titleist is one of the most beautiful clubs in the game, according to me.

While they’re typically known as the “number one ball in golf” don’t sleep on their clubs from drivers to wedges (and Scotty Cameron putters) too. They can help you score lower on the golf course, from tee to green. With high-quality equipment

Today, let’s focus on their newest driver line as it looks to compete with Callaway’s Paradym and TaylorMade’s Stealth 2 driver. There are four options for clubheads to suit all golfers, just like the TSi drivers. But they’ve made some upgrades to the look and technology behind these clubs to make them even better than past versions.

The Key Takeaways 

  • Titleist replaced TSi drivers by TSR drivers in 2023.
  • They share some similarities with the previous models, including four driver head options that will suit all types of golfers.
  • Titleist has more stock shaft options than almost any other brand to help you dial in distance and accuracy off the tee… without having to pay for an upgraded shaft.
  • The TSR3 has the best adjustability, while TSR4 is smaller and more advanced.

Keep reading for a full breakdown of these clubs and why we think they’re some of the best options available. First, let’s start by reviewing what these clubs have in common.


TSR Drivers Overview

If you choose the right TSR driver for your swing, you can improve your carry distance and ball speed consistency. Before breaking them down individually, let’s go over what they have in common.

  • Aerospace Titanium design: Titleist, unlike other brands, is sticking with a titanium design instead of carbon. In testing drivers it’s surprising how many golf brands are opting for carbon vs. Titanium for more clubhead speed. But currently Titleist hasn’t switched yet but my guess is they will in the next model.
  • Aerodynamics Improved Each clubhead is unique to the type of player they’re made for but all have updated aerodynamics for faster ball speeds.
  • SureFit Hosel Technology: You can customize your driver to suit your swing with the SureFit Hosel. You can adjust the loft and lie settings with the wrench to get the perfect ball flight. All four models include this feature.
  • GripAll drivers come with a stock grip, which is a Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360. You can also opt for a premium grip from the Golf Pride Z-Grip (which is more expensive).

Now that we’ve covered what each driver has in common, let’s dive into what makes each of them unique.

Titleist TSR1 Driver – Most Forgiving Driver 

TSR1 is the first option from the new Titleist driver line-up.

This clubhead is the most accommodating of the four. It is best for high handicapped golfers and/or those with slower swing speeds.


While it’s far from a beginner’s driver, it definitely caters to golfers who need help with distance. It’s the lightest of the four drivers making it easier to swing faster (and hit it longer) and a great driver for older golfers.

All four drivers have been updated with a new look, but the TSR1 makes it even sweeter. Here’s what Titleist said about the changes to this model.

“This new Variable Face Thickness construction approach builds the face inward, layer by layer, to create a large sweet spot across the entire hitting surface. In other words, it produces amazing forgiveness and ball speed from every strike.​”


The TSR1s face-centered CG is another difference from other models. This promotes a higher launch. This will improve ball speed and trajectory to maximize distance, even if you dont have 100 mph swing speeds.

This driver also has one shaft option, whereas the other four have four. The TSR1 is made for slower swing speeds. It comes with a 45g shaft, regardless of the flex. Youll find more details in the article.

This driver is available in right- and left-handed versions in loft options of 9, 10, and 12 degrees.

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Titleist TSR2 Driver – Best for Everyday Golfers

The Titleist TSR2 driver, which is undoubtedly the best all-around driver for everyday golfers, is undoubtedly the best. It’s also high launching but has a much lower spin as it’s designed for moderate swing speed players.

Here’s how Titleist described the updated design features. “Greater speed means greater distance, and the new shape of TSR2 has been refined to make it as fast as possible through the air. The redesigned toe shape also improves the face angle for a better look at the address.”


The CG also changes in the TSR2 as it’s shifted lower and more forward in the clubhead. This update improves ball speed and promotes high ball flight.

Titleist TSR2 drivers have tons of shaft brands, weights, and flexes. Make sure you read the section of the shaft in order to find the best one for your game. Titleist TR2 drivers come in 8-9, 10, and 11-degree loft options. This driver is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed golfers.

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Titleist TSR3 Driver – Most Adjustable Driver 

Similar to the TSi3, TSR3 is also the most adjustable of the four options. The SureFit hosel is available for all four drivers. However, the TSR3 has performance-tuned adjustability through the CG track.

Here’s how Titleist described this feature. “The refined SureFit Adjustable CG Track System makes it easier to position that focused hitting zone where you want it and dial in the exact setup you need to generate maximum ball speed and performance.”


The clubs large range of shaft options can be combined with the hosel and CG tracks to make it a perfect fit for your swing. This driver is for the right golfer.

Probably one that is consistent, probably a single-digit handicap all of the way up to certain PGA Tour pros. It’s a little less forgiving than the TSR2 and not as high launching either.

This driver is available in 8-9 and 10-degree loft options for left-handed and right-handed golfers.

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Titleist TSR4 Driver – Best for High Ball Speed  

The final option is the Titleist TSR4 driver which is different from the other three drivers for one main reason – Size. The TSR1, 2, 3, and 4 drivers all have 460cc club heads, while the TSR4 only has 430cc. It’s enough to notice a difference at the address and has more of a “player’s profile” look.

The reason it’s smaller is to minimize spin and allow more advanced golfers to shape shots in either direction. The smaller head allows for easier ball handling, but it does not allow for the same forgiveness as the larger head. This model is used by Tour players due to its low spin characteristics.

This club is not recommended for intermediate and beginner golfers. Otherwise, you’ll lose out on tons of distance due to the low spin, and low launch profile.


Speaking of spin, this club has something none of the other drivers do have – Adjustable spin control. The TSR4 has a sliding track for repositioning the CG. However, it can change the head weight and eventually the spin.

Here’s what Titleist said about this feature. “TSR4 provides both front and back weighting options to allow even more players to experiment with gaining distance through the lower spin. The forward setting produces a maximum spin reduction, while the back is more moderate – creating more of a TSR3.5 performance profile.”

This is a huge benefit because you can dial in the spin to match what you are doing. For right-handed and left-handed golfers, the TSR4 is available with a loft of 8, 9, or 10, respectively.

Stock shaft Options for Improved Ball Flight

Now that we’ve covered the four driver heads let’s talk about the incredible stock shaft options. This is what separates Titleist from a lot of other brands that simply don’t offer as many choices. This makes it more difficult to find the right one for you and can lead to a loss of a lot of distance if you choose the wrong shaft.

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I’d argue that playing the right driver shaft is nearly as important as the driver head itself. Heres a quick overview of the shafts so you can choose the one that will best suit your swing speed and maximize your distance.

  • MMT Speedmesh Shafts: MMT Speedmesh, which is only available in TSR1, is the lightest shaft. The flexes all weigh less than 45g, which makes them stand out from the rest. This is why it’s such a good fit for seniors and players who don’t have fast swing speeds.
  • HZRDUS Red CBThis shaft is lightweight and is best suited for slow-swinging golfers. All flexes have a weight of less than 60g, which makes it easy to swing faster.
  • Tensei AV BlueThis mid-launch shaft is the best choice for everyday golfers who swing in the 90-100 mph area. The weight options range from 55 to 75g. The total weight increases if the flex is more rigid.
  • HZRDUS Black 4GHZRDUS shafts are more stable and stiffer than regular shafts, making them a low-mid launch option. Like the Tensei, you have three weight options. They range from regular to Tour extra stiff.
  • Tensei 1K Black: This shaft option is reserved for players who have very fast swing speeds. It’s a low launch, the low spin shaft that is only offered in stiff, extra stiff, and even a Tour Stiff option.

While the stock shafts are incredible, they do have upgraded “premium” shafts as well. These include the Tour AD IZ and Tour AD DI, as well as Tour AD UB. Each shaft will have a different flex and weight but will be more expensive.

FAQs About Titleist Golf Equipment 

Do you have questions about the latest Titleist drivers? Continue reading to find out more.

Can you adjust Titleist drivers?

It depends on which model you drive, but all four models have an adjustable hosel, Unlike other brands. There are four options for the TSR series. The TSR3 has the most adjustability due to the SureFit Hosel and sliding weight track. The TSR4 also has adjustable weights, which allow for more consistent results and ball speed changes.

Are Titleist drivers able to shift their weights? 

Only the TSR3 driver has an adjustable sliding-weight feature. While all four models have adjustable brakes, the TSR3 driver has a CG track that allows for easy adjustment of the CG and ball flight. This model is the best choice if you have trouble with a slice.

How long does it take for the Titleist drivers to drive? 

The 45.5-inch length of the four Titleist TSR drivers, with the exception of TSR1, is 45.75 inches. Unlike other brands, you can’t get a shortened shaft option.


What is the best Titleist driver to drive? 

The four Titleist TSR driver golf clubs are extremely popular and are highly recommended by golfers from all over the globe. I wouldn’t say there is a “best” one as each one has its pros and cons.

The Titleist TSR2 driver is undoubtedly the best for everyday golfers. Better players will prefer the TSR3 or TSR4s adjustability.

Is Titleist able to make a small driver? 

While they don’t make a mini driver (like TaylorMade), they do make a smaller driver head for the TSR4. The other three models are 460cc while the TSR is a “player’s club” and is only 430cc.

This makes it easier for you to shape your shots in any direction, reduce spin, and lose some forgiveness. But for more advanced golfers with a faster swing, it’s a no-brainer decision thanks to the adjustable spin control features too.

Does Titleist make fairway woods?

You can also buy matching fairway woods (even with the exact same shaft). They have four options that are similar to the TSR1 – TSR4 lineup. The only difference is they don’t offer a TSR4 set of woods.


Final Thoughts on Titleist TSR drivers

The new Titleist drivers have some of the most impressive looks and highest-performing drivers available. Highlights include advanced aerodynamics, speed ring design, and Surefit Hosel. Whether you’re a golfer with slow clubhead speed or a PGA Tour pro, you can fine-tune a driver to fit your needs.

Heres a quick overview of how each clubhead is different from the others:

  • TSR1: Great option for seniors and players who need assistance with forgiveness and distance. While it’s not a draw bias driver it is very forgiving, lightweight, and high launching.
  • TSR2: This driver is best for the everyday golfer as it’s forgiving, high launching, and has tons of shafts to fit your swing. It also has a lower spin rate that the TSR1.
  • TSR3: The sliding weight track makes it the most adaptable version of their new drivers. It’s best for mid to low-handicap golfers and players who need help straightening out that slice.
  • TSR4: This is a great choice for advanced golfers due to the smaller 430c heads low launch and spin characteristics.

Regardless of which model you choose, don’t forget to buy the right shaft too. Apart from the TSR1, there are tons of shafts available in different weights and flexes. This will allow you to maximize your driving ability, hit more fairways, play more consistently, and increase your driving speed.

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