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Unlock your Ballstriking: The Right Arm in the Golf Swing

Drills for Right Arm in Golf Swing

One of many causes golf is such a enjoyable, however irritating sport is the sheer variety of shifting components. Actually, each a part of your physique performs a pivotal function in ball hanging on each full swing shot.

Your toes, hips, core, shoulders, arms, and fingers all have to work collectively. In any other case, all types of unhealthy issues can occur and depart you feeling pissed off all through the day.

Don’t get me mistaken, irrespective of how good you’re, don’t overlook it’s nonetheless golf.That’s why now we have such a love-hate relationship with this recreation.

Always remember, even one of the best gamers on the earth have poor ball hanging days.

One massive a part of the whole golf swing is the fitting arm. Chances are high, you’ve in all probability requested your self at one time or one other, “What ought to my proper arm do within the golf swing?” 

On this submit, I wish to assist make clear how the fitting arm ought to transfer all through the swing. We’ll cowl every thing from tackle to followthrough that can assist you make higher contact. 

Proper Arm in Golf Swing – What you Must Know 

When speaking about the fitting arm, it’s necessary to interrupt down the totally different components of the swing. For this submit, we’ll break it down into 4 major sections; tackle, backswing, downswing, and followthrough.

Additionally, please word, this complete submit relies on proper hand gamers (sorry lefties). However if you’re a left-handed golfer, be certain that to reverse every thing to your left arm and every thing applies. 

Tackle Place 

To higher perceive the fitting arm, let’s begin with the setup place.

The longer that I play this loopy recreation, the extra I notice that the satan is within the particulars. A lot of what occurs in your swing occurs earlier than you ever take the membership again.

Your grip, alignment, and total setup place performs an enormous function in turning into a constant ball striker. After you’ve developed a impartial (or impartial to robust) grip and alignment, don’t overlook about your arms.


First up, you wish to guarantee that your left arm is totally prolonged at tackle. The appropriate arm is sort of totally prolonged, however has a slight bend in order that it rests beneath the left if you happen to view your swing from behind the road. You do not need to start out in a bowed elbow place earlier than you’ve even taken the golf membership again. 

You additionally wish to guarantee that your arms are rotated below so the forearms are pointing towards the sky. This may open your chest and never trigger you to have a rounded, hunched again at tackle too. 

In a single phrase, you need your arms to have connectivity

As Ben Hogan stated in his guide Ben Hogan’s 5 Classes, “Within the golf swing, the arms, in impact, act because the connection between the membership and the physique. The nearer you retain your two arms collectively, the higher they are going to function as one unit and after they function as one unit, they have an inclination to drag all the parts of the swing collectively.” 


However that’s not the total image although. The elbows themselves play a significant function in a elementary setup as nicely.

Like Ben Hogan stated, “The elbows ought to be tucked in, not caught out from the physique. At tackle, the left elbow ought to level straight on the left hip bone and the fitting elbow ought to level straight on the proper hip bone… You wish to press them as intently collectively as you possibly can.”

Hogan claimed that once you press your elbows nearer collectively, it ought to result in higher connectivity all through the swing. He additionally stated the fitting elbow ought to not transfer in the course of the backswing practically in any respect. As a substitute, it ought to at all times be pointing straight to the bottom all through the backswing. 


The final piece of setup is ensuring that your arms are relaxed.

In the event that they’re tense and tight, it’s laborious to have the fitting tempo and begin your backswing off appropriately. You’ll discover that further stress will get your proper aspect too distant from the physique on the best way again.

Don’t really feel such as you want spaghetti arms, although – as an alternative, you want energetic leisure. A bit stress is important as your arms are about to go in movement to your backswing. 

The preferred method to take away extra stress earlier than the backswing is the waggle. Hogan stated that the waggle provides the golfer a working begin and blends proper into the swing.

If you happen to’ve by no means tried to waggle the golf membership to alleviate stress, I extremely advocate giving it a shot. When waggling the membership, be certain that to recollect these items:

  • The left hand is the controlling hand within the waggle. The appropriate hand and arm merely comply with go well with.
  • Don’t flip your shoulders in the course of the waggle. This transfer is all about releasing up stress within the fingers and arms, not making a full swing. 
  • Differ the rhythm of your waggle for the shot you’re about to play. For instance, if you happen to’re taking part in a gentle shot to take a couple of yards off the total distance, take a easy waggle. Or, if you happen to watch Bryson DeChambeau, you possibly can see his driver waggles aggressively earlier than he places every thing he has into bombing it off the tee. 

Throughout The Backswing 

As soon as the setup is sound, subsequent up is the backswing. As Ben Hogan stated, “On the backswing, the order of motion goes like this; fingers, arms, shoulders, and hips.”

The appropriate arm performs a pivotal function early within the takeaway.

The aim is to have the arms keep linked and never have the righe one fold early. If this occurs, the membership goes on an inside path shortly and makes it very troublesome on the remainder of your swing.  It normally results in a dreaded, excessive swing that produces a slice.

As you begin the backswing, the fitting arm doesn’t do a lot earlier than the membership is waist top and parallel to the bottom. The appropriate arm ought to proceed to fold along with the physique flip. It ought to keep near your physique and not drift too distant. 

However when you proceed the backswing, that is the place the path arm begins to bend and tuck. It’s necessary to maintain it tucked so that you just don’t create a flared again elbow on the backswing.

This leads us to half two of the swing – the downswing. 

Through the Downswing

Now that we’ve coated tackle place and backswing, let’s get into what occurs on the best way down. So many golfers surprise, “How do you utilize your proper arm within the golf downswing?” 

Hopefully, this part will higher illustrate the correct place within the downswing for optimum ball hanging and consistency. As a result of right here’s the factor, too many novice golfers don’t use their higher physique appropriately. Far too many gamers begin the downswing with their higher physique as an alternative of their decrease physique and trigger all types of issues.

The largest is the disconnection that leads to an enormous lack of energy.

It’s necessary to notice that the fitting arm in golf is known as the “pace arm.” It helps switch the momentum and pace generated by the torso in your backswing. 

However if you happen to leap on the ball and begin along with your higher physique, you’ll have to use muscle to get distance. As a substitute, if you happen to time the sequence up correctly, you should use your decrease physique to generate pace versus the higher physique. 

Proper Arm on the Method Down  

So what ought to it do in the course of the downswing? 

The appropriate arm ought to rotate externally, so the elbow can transfer barely nearer towards your physique. This could assist you to shallow the golf membership and get your fingers forward of the membership itself. 

If the again arm rotates internally, then you’ve some issues. Particularly, it’s straightforward to get steep and lose out on a ton of energy as you aren’t compressing the ball at affect.

The appropriate arm within the downswing must virtually really feel prefer it drops down after transition. This may in flip create the shallowing movement which all strong gamers make. In actuality, it’s truly the decrease physique turning that results in the arms falling, however some golfers want any such swing thought. 

Proper Elbow

Moreover, let’s not overlook about the fitting elbow place in your swing both. You might need requested your self, “The place ought to my proper elbow be within the golf swing?” It’s query and may straight affect your ball hanging. 

Your elbow ought to transfer freely in the course of the backswing to assist generate energy. On the downswing, it ought to then tuck so that you just hit straight at your goal. It ought to really feel as if it’s hugging your rib cage.

However what in case your proper elbow is straightening out earlier than affect place? 

As this Hitting It Strong YouTube video reveals, it’s necessary to get your elbow in entrance of your proper hip earlier than affect. However for some gamers, the arm straightens out and is definitely behind the again hip which might result in some ball hanging points. This casting movement will kill lots of your generated energy too. 

So what’s the repair?

Attempting to really feel just like the arm and elbow is pointing in entrance of the path hip, not behind it. However as the teacher stated within the video, you don’t wish to consciously assume in your downswing, “Okay, I have to preserve my proper arm bent.”

As a substitute, the proper place is a byproduct of some issues so that you just don’t have to fret about mechanical swing ideas in your downswing. Listed here are a couple of components of the swing that may assist repair this difficulty.

Bending Proper Elbow Swing Fixes 

The primary element of the swing that may get the path elbow in the fitting place is staying in your posture. Too many golfers transfer up and out of the swing. 

This early extension occurs when the pelvis strikes nearer to the golf ball and adjustments your backbone angle, which adjustments your elbow place. And makes left wrist supination way more troublesome.

In the end, you wish to keep the identical backbone angle in your total swing and never change till after affect. It would even really feel such as you’re nearer to the golf ball on the downswing than you have been on the tackle. However this place will get your elbow in the fitting place and likewise assist you to compress the golf ball. 

As Ben Hogan stated, “That’s why you marvel on the distance topnotch gamers can hit the ball. They really flip a five-iron right into a four-iron. The pronating golfer does simply the other. He will increase the loft of his blade. He makes a seven iron out of his five-iron.” 

The second element is wrist stress that you’ve got on the membership. An excessive amount of grip stress will result in straightening the arms on the downswing and result in flipping the membership at affect.

To keep away from this, you need a softer grip stress so as to hinge the wrists correctly. This may make it straightforward to not solid early and keep a strong proper elbow at affect. 

The third side to contemplate is your weight switch. 

Too many golfers attempt to load up their proper aspect and shift an excessive amount of stress to their again foot. This makes it laborious to get the burden again to the lead foot on the downswing.

This transfer results in staying in your again foot, popping out of your posture, and straightening your proper arm on the downswing. Bear in mind, you wish to transfer your mass, not laterally shift your weight on the backswing. 

It ought to really feel like most of your weight (about 80%) is on the within a part of your again foot on the high of your swing. Not the skin portion of your foot or else it’s practically unattainable to get the timing proper on the downswing. 

The ultimate element is the rear shoulder and ensuring it strikes towards the goal. If you happen to depart your weight too far again, it’s going to power the shoulder to remain again as nicely. 

Don’t overlook, the hips begin the downswing and that occurs once you shift the stress to your lead foot. If you happen to don’t shift the stress, then your proper shoulder will keep again and end in casing the golf membership (and never compressing it correctly). 

Proper Elbow Drill 

The identical YouTube video from above additionally has a straightforward drill to really feel the correct elbow place (on the 8:17 mark). Right here’s methods to do it… 

  • With out a golf membership, get into your golf posture.
  • Make your backswing and really feel the bend on the high of your backswing.
  • Then, on the downswing go in tremendous gradual movement to really feel the fitting arm keep barely bent.
  • To get this transfer, you’ll want to verify to pause on the high, then push your weight into your lead foot. Be sure to take care of your posture so that you don’t come out of the shot both.
  • Then, begin to do that drill with simply your proper arm and golf membership. 
  • Lastly, get two fingers on the membership and swing in gradual movement to examine your elbow simply earlier than affect place. 

The wonderful thing about this drill is that you are able to do it at residence to coach your muscle tissue. Finally, go to the driving vary and work on moving into this place with brief photographs (50-100 yards). When you cease the casting movement, you’ll begin hitting the ball with way more energy. 

Throughout Influence

The ultimate stage is affect and the followthrough. In an ideal world, each arms ought to be linked, forming a triangle with the golf ball. Moreover, the fitting arm ought to be simply in entrance of your hip. 

The appropriate arm shouldn’t straighten earlier than affect.

In any other case, you’ll make kind of a casting movement, lose out on a ton of energy, and miss out on protecting the ball at affect. In different phrases, too early casting and the membership head will get in all types of unhealthy positions.

As you progress previous affect, you need your arms to be synchronized and shut collectively.

This makes it simpler to launch the membership and rotate round your physique with the fitting exit level. Ideally, you possibly can swing out towards your goal line with the membership head and away from the physique. This may enable your head to come back up and observe the ball at it takes flight.

How to Use Right Arm in Golf Swing

Greatest Drills To Get Into Higher Positions 

As you possibly can inform, there are lots of shifting components within the golf swing. However don’t let it overwhelm you and never try to enhance your proper arm positions. 

Listed here are two of our favourite drills that can assist you enhance your path arm positions.

Ball Drill

This YouTube video reveals you ways the elbow strikes all through the swing with one easy drill. Plus, all you want is an affordable inflatable ball to assist your proper elbow get in the fitting place.

Right here is how you should use this ball to maintain every elbow shut collectively:

  • You need to use an inflatable ball or Tour Striker swing coach.
  • Put the ball between your elbows. It shouldn’t be close to your left wrist or left shoulder. As a substitute, you need the ball between your forearms above your wrist.
  • Then take some swings and see if you happen to can preserve the ball tucked.
  • In case your elbow “flies” an excessive amount of, the ball will drop on the similar time.
  • As a substitute, attempt to preserve the ball near your physique. Push your proper elbow into your left elbow (don’t squeeze them collectively).
  • Do that time and again for repetition to coach your physique within the correct feeling all through your swing.

Sweatband Drill

One other nice drill is from Chris Ryan Golf. As you possibly can see on this video, he created a easy coaching support that can assist you really feel the correct movement and immediately discover if you happen to’re out of place.

Right here’s methods to do it:

  • First, seize a sweatband and tee peg to your observe session. Reduce a gap within the sweatband and place the rubber tee peg by means of it. You need the tee peg going through the within of your elbow.
  • Take your regular backswing and begin to see how the tee peg factors close to the golf ball. For instance, if you happen to get steep of a vertical airplane, it ought to level nicely forward of the golf ball.
  • Then, take one other gradual movement swing and spot the place your proper elbow factors to the bottom. It ought to be on the ball and even barely behind it.

This low cost system will assist you to hit it extra constantly, really feel the correct movement, and create the correct angle on the best way down.


Do you’ve much more questions in regards to the path arm within the golf swing?

In that case, hopefully you will see the reply in our often requested questions and solutions part beneath.

Which arm ought to be dominant within the golf swing?

Assuming you’re a right-handed golfer, the left hand is definitely the dominant hand within the swing, not the fitting hand. Whereas it sounds backwards, it’s true.

The left hand usually is the chief of the golf swing. All issues begin with the left hand gripping the membership after which the fitting hand on high of it. 

From there, the left hand guides the backswing, begins the downswing, and performs an enormous function within the comply with by means of too. Don’t get me mistaken, they each have to work collectively. However usually, the hand reverse your swing is the dominant hand within the golf swing. 

That’s why you will notice lots of guys warming up typically with simply their left arm. This can be a good method to really feel the membership extra in your fingers and develop strong timing all through the swing. 

Ought to the fitting arm be tucked within the golf swing?

Sure, the fitting arm performs a special function than the left. On the backswing, the fitting arm and elbow ought to keep comparatively near your physique. 

On the downswing, the fitting arm ought to tuck so as to shallow the golf membership. This lets you rotate your physique by means of the swing and supplies a fantastic place at affect. It’s additionally the place a ton of energy is generated and why so many golfers don’t maximize their distance due to a flaw of their proper arm. 

How do I preserve my arms near my physique within the downswing?

The primary factor you need is to have every thing linked. This implies holding your arms synced up along with your torso to attain one of the best place all through the swing.

Among the finest methods to do that is to place a towel beneath every of your armpits. Make a couple of swings (with out hitting a ball) and see if the towel drops. If it does, attempt to squeeze them collectively extra so that you just keep extra linked.

What’s a flying proper elbow?

Chances are high you realize what the flying proper elbow is with out realizing it. Simply watch two nice golfers to raised perceive. Maybe one of the best two examples from widespread gamers are easy swinging Fred {Couples} and Jack Nicklaus. 

Whereas the flying proper elbow is just not the best place, clearly their superb careers present you possibly can nonetheless hit the ball constantly. If you happen to do have a flying proper elbow like these legends, it’s necessary to make the fitting transfer on the downswing to regulate accordingly.

The rationale they have been capable of have the flying proper elbow and nonetheless change into elite ball strikers is as a result of they rotate their path arm. This manner, by the point they make it to affect, every thing is in the fitting place. 

How do I hit the golf ball extra constantly?

Consistency is the dream for each golfer who has picked up this loopy sport. Whereas there are lots of ideas, I feel any golf teacher would let you know to enhance your setup place above all else.

When you’ve every thing proper at tackle, it makes all components of the swing higher. Elite gamers like Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas, and different execs work on their setup as a lot as the rest.

They perceive that how they tackle the ball will play an enormous function in:

  • Correct shoulder flip.
  • Creating extra pace.
  • Training extra effectively.
  • Swinging the membership with extra confidence.
  • Attending to the fitting place on the high of the backswing.

For many golfers, I at all times advocate choosing a goal and utilizing an alignment stick on the bottom in observe. This may assist you to begin off within the correct setup and provides your self one of the best possibilities to drag off any shot.

Do the arms drop within the downswing? 

Sure, in essence, the arms do drop on the best way down towards the bottom. But it surely’s not the primary transfer of the downswing. 

As a substitute, every thing begins in the course of the millisecond pause on the high, aka the transition. On this ultra-brief time, all of your momentum begins to go the opposite means towards the goal and produce the downswing.

However the arms or wrist are usually not the primary a part of the downswing. It’s truly the hips and legs that begin the transfer down, so that you generate power from the bottom up. This floor power will assist produce easy energy and act like a springboard.

As Ben Hogan stated in his guide, “The downswing is initiated by turning the hips to the left. The shoulders, arms, and fingers – in that order – then launch their energy. The nice pace developed on this chain motion carries the golfer all the best way round to the end of his follow-through.” 

One factor to notice is that he says “turning the hips” not sliding the hips somewhat bit like so many gamers do. When you flip the hips, then the shoulders, arms, and fingers comply with go well with. 

Whereas typically it’d really feel like your arms drop on the best way down, this truly occurs after the decrease physique. Whenever you flip and open your hips correctly, it’s a lot simpler to drop the membership head/membership shaft within the slot and shallow on the best way down. 

Last Ideas 

As you possibly can inform, the fitting arm has an enormous function in growing most membership head pace. In fact, your lead arm is necessary, however your path arm will assist you to:

  • Get on the correct path.
  • Create a greater lag angle.
  • Swing down the goal line.
  • Develop extra constant golf swings.

Even if you happen to don’t have massive muscle tissue like Bryson, any novice golfer can enhance the facility generated because the membership reaches the golf ball. Studying methods to use your path arm correctly will assist your affect zone as a lot as some other swing adjustment!

Hopefully, adjusting this a part of your recreation will make all of the distinction to enhance your golf swing.