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Why Golf Pressure Plate Review: Train your Weight Shift

Why Pressure Plate Review


Do you make consistent contact on every swing with the golf ball? Or are you more like most golfers, struggling with inconsistent contact, thin misses, chunky shots and overall inconsistent contact?

If you’re the latter, don’t worry, you are not alone.

There are many moving parts to the golf swing. However, your weight transfer is crucial for your success. How your weight changes (some refer to it simply as mass vs.weight) is crucial in order to improve your ball striking ability.

But sometimes it’s easier said than done. We all know that we must load up on our backswing and then transfer our weight onto the downswing. However, it’s not always easy to feel this shift on the driving range.

A new training aid called The Pressure PlateIt is time to change that.

This training aid could be what you need to achieve a true weight shift in golf swing. For a full review and alternative options, read on. You’ll be able to hit the ball better than ever!

Why Golf Pressure Plate Review

If you’re tired of hitting thin or fat shots, let’s fix it once and for all.

To start, it’s important to understand why these shots happen. Thin shots aren’t the end of the world (hence the saying, “Thin to win”) but are frustrating at times.

So why is it happening?

Because your weight is too heavy on your back, a thin shot can happen.

At impact, more weight is on your back foot than your front foot. This causes a scooping motion that hits the bottom of the golf club. I’ve hit a lot of “two groove” shots in my career so I know what it’s like.

A fat shot is the opposite of hitting it skinny. These shots are far worse than thin shots because they travel a fraction of normal distance and can be frustrating. It might even hurt if you really grab one.

You can get a fat shot by moving your center. This could be caused by swaying or excessive head motion and/or too steep a downwardswing.

Ultimately, your weight isn’t moving correctly in the swing with a fat or thin shot. The Pressure Plate can help you with both types shots so that you can hit it in the middle of your face.

How the Pressure Plate Works

The Pressure Plate is simple and straightforward, unlike other training aids. No apps, bands, or any other additional requirements are required. You just need to take it out from the box and begin using it.

The Pressure PlateThis is basically a teeter and putter for golfers. To feel the perfect weight transfer in your golf swing, stand on the board.

The backswing will see the board move to your backside, and then hit the ground. On the downswing, you will feel the board moving to your lead foot.

What’s great about this product is that it gives you instant feedback on if your weight is shifting properly. They also stated on their website that they offer “instant feedback” on if your weight is shifting properly. “Shifting your weight in a swing is important, but it’s hard to know when and by how much. Pressure Plate solves that problem by tipping only when you shift your weight correctly. You know in real-time, every time.”

Sometimes, you might just be able to transfer your weight. It could be that you transfer it too quickly or too late. This plate solves the problem and allows you to start timing your weight shift at a specific time in your swing.

Unless you move at least 60% of your weight, the board won’t move. This will ensure that your weight is transferred to your lead foot and your back foot.

Why Pressure Plate Review

The Pressure Plate has many more benefits

Although the primary goal of this device to help you feel the proper weight loss, there are other benefits.

First, it makes sure you’re in a great setup position.

Sometimes golfers don’t transfer their weight properly because too much weight is on the left or right side. But if you aren’t about 50/50 when you step on the board, it will let you know immediately. This ensures you’re in a great address position and in the best spot to make a solid swing.

Second, it’s easy to use and doesn’t require much on your end. I’ve found that the easier a device is to use, the more likely you are to actually use (and not just collect dust in your garage). It can be used at home without the need to hit golf balls, which will help you develop new habits in your golf swing.

You can even hit balls with the device. Some training aids don’t allow this and makes it hard to transfer the feeling properly. You can hit the ball from grass or on mats with this device and see how it reacts.

Finally, it’s small enough that you can keep it in your car or golf locker for regular use.

Why Pressure Plate Review

Improves your short game

This device can improve your short game as well as your whole swing. Chipping requires a different setup and swing but most golfers don’t adapt. Instead, they try to swing like it’s a full swing and suffer from poor ball striking as a result.

Chipping requires you to have more weight on your leadfoot in order to create a downward blow. Most teachers would suggest that you have 60-70% weight on your leadfoot. By standing on the front of the board, you can guarantee that you’re in a great setup for chipping.

If you feel the board move to the back, that means you moved your weight which isn’t good for short shots. This will lead to you hanging back, hitting up on your shot, and then skulling it over the green.

Stay left (assuming you’re right-handed) to see how it impacts your contact and trajectory.

There are many training aids that can help you improve your swing and help with weight transfer. Here are some other options to the Pressure Plate you might be interested in.

Down Under Board 2.0 Review

DownUnder Board 2.0

The Down Under Board 2.0 is a similar product to the Pressure Plate. This training aid aims to teach you how to use your lower body when playing golf.

Although it looks similar to the Pressure Plate, it’s actually quite different. The Down Under Board is not like the Pressure Plate.

Instead, the board should be placed between your feet. To keep your lower body engaged and active, squeeze the board between your feet. This is a very different approach as you stand on the Pressure Plate and feel the weight shift in the golf swing.

Click here to read the complete review of Down Under Board 2.0.

FAQs regarding Pressure Boards in golf

Are you still unsure about this training aid? If so, keep reading to learn more and decide if it’s right for your game.

How do you use the golf pressure board?

A pressure board, such as the one offered by Why Golf, is a great way to improve your golf striking. They’re very easy to use compared to some training aids as you simply get on the board and start hitting shots. It even works if you’re only taking practice swings too.

Your goal is to shift your weight so that the board shifts on you backswing (this ensures that 60% of your weight is on you back foot). You want to make your weight move forward on the downswing so that the majority of your weight is on the lead foot.

Pressure boards will ensure you don’t hang back on your trail leg and hit up on the shot. Don’t forget, you need to hit down and through the shot to compress the golf ball.

Why Pressure Plate Review

Where should the pressure go in a golf swing.

During the swing, pressure changes. At address, your weight should be about 50/50 on each of your feet.

Your weight should be primarily on the rearside during the backswing. You want to move your weight back towards the target during transition. On the downswing, you should move most of your weight to your lead leg.

This will allow you to maximize power and not sag like many amateur golfers. It should improve your accuracy, distance, as well as overall contact with the ball.

How does foot pressure affect the golf swing?

Because power is generated from the ground, pressure is crucial in golf swing. Many amateur golfers neglect their lower bodies, which can lead to a loss of significant distance.

Use a Pressure Plate training tool to maximize your swing.

What is their return policy Is there a warranty on the product?

Why Golf offers a 30-day return policy if you aren’t completely satisfied. They will refund the cost of shipping and taxes, so you can buy with confidence.

They also offer a 1-year warranty.

Final Thoughts about the Pressure Plate

This training aid is a great tool for improving your golf game.

This is one of the reasons it is so popular.

  • Simple to use
  • No app required
  • Get immediate feedback
  • This will improve your short game as well as your full swing.
  • You can use the driving range or at home to transfer the correct weight.

It can help you master a key skill in the golf swing that will improve your ability to strike the ball like never before. If you’re tired of scooping shots and hanging back, this is the device for you. With a 30-day guarantee, it’s a no-brainer decision.

Click here to find out more about Pressure Plates from Why Golf.