A complete look at all of Tiger Woods 82 winning shirts

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Tiger WoodsIn his professional career, he has won 82 times, including twice at St. Andrews. This week, the 150th Open Championship will be held. He could overcome injuries and win No. He would be able to pass 83 if he overcomes his injuries once more. Sam SneadFor the most mens professional golf, this is the record. Woods was the only person who wore a red shirt Sunday while he was holding a trophy. (There were three instances when he didnt wear it, but well get back to that later.

Kultida, his mother, believed that red was his power colour. This is a look at the primary shirt colors used in all of those wins, both in major championships and PGA Tour events. The shirt colors were compiled using photos of every Woods win and sorted by their hex color into the following categories: dark, light, burgundy, and non-red. Only final-round shirt were used, except for jackets, sweaters, vests, or jackets. The most prominent color was when the shirts were made up of multiple colors.

You can see the entire project here.

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