Caddie collapses, given CPR during AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am

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PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. — A caddie for an amateur player collapsed during the second round of the PGA Tours AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am on Friday and received CPR before being taken to a nearby hospital.

Play was stopped at No. 11 was stopped for almost an hour while Geoff Couch, the caddie for Pebble Beach businessman, was seen for a prolonged time after he fell on the fairway.

Gary Young, the chief referee for the PGA Tour, said that a spectator started CPR and that an officer of Cal Fire took over.

Lukas Nelson, a country singer, and PGA Tour pros were part of the playing group. Beau Hossler Max McGreevyAfter witnessing the incident, Couch appeared shaken. Couch left the group shortly after the ambulance arrived.

Later, players and caddies were seen hugging one another after receiving news. Nelson answered ESPNs question about the condition of the caddie. The PGA Tour didnt name him but Nelson said that the caddie was doing better . Golf Channel reported that the caddie was expected be fine.

During the second round of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, there was a medical emergency at No. 11 at Pebble Beach involving a caddie amateur, the PGA Tour released a statement. Montage Health has been notified that the caddie was taken to Montage Health for an evaluation. The PGA Tour Rules Committee directed that the two players in that group, Max McGreevy & Beau Hossler, paused their play during the medical emergency. They will be allowed to warm up again and resume their round soon.

Nearly two hours later, Nelson, McGreevy & Hossler resumed play on the 11th green.

McGreevy said that McGreevy fell on top himself. We just took the bag from him quickly so that they could do CPR.

After the caddie had been taken into an ambulance, while still receiving CPR and oxygen, players met with a PGA Tour rules official. There was much discussion about whether play should resume, but Nelson, McGreevy and Hossler refused to compromise.

Hossler stated that he couldnt say that hes comfortable at the moment to resume playing. He acknowledged that he was not asking for all play be halted, but said that he could not continue playing as normal after witnessing the incident. Is it a matter of whether he passes or not?

Nelson cited what happened Buffalo BillsSafety Damar HamlinLast month, Monday Night Football officials stated that this was a reason they shouldnt continue playing. The official finally asked players if they would agree to stand by the sidelines to allow the group behind them play through.

After finishing their round on the 11th green, a Tour spokesperson stated that the two players had finished the day as the last group. [caddie]Nelson and his family. Nelson spoke briefly with the media and recalled the incident.

Nelson said, From mine perspective, it seemed as if we lost him. Fortunately there was a cop on the sidelines and he [performed] CPR. He came in and saved his life.

Nelson admitted that he had difficulty continuing the round but was happy that the caddie was doing better.

He stated, Emotionally, its nothing like that. I didn’t want to stop playing. It was wrong.

Harry HiggsMcGreevy was playing two groups behind Hossler, McGreevy, and he said he could see that the two players were shaken.

Higgs stated, We teed on on 11 and once we got up there and saw that the caddie had been in, they were off by the side and obviously very emotionally. I called a rules official and wanted to know if this is OK. I dont like to be rude so I will keep going. Its as if golf doesn’t matter now, right?

Higgs stated that he was then told the caddies health had improved and that he would be fine.

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