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Cameron Smith – LIV not ‘deep’ as PGA Tour but still ‘serious golf’

Cameron Smith - LIV not 'deep' as PGA Tour but still 'serious golf'

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Cameron SmithHe will be the one to tell you that he doesn’t think LIV Golf’s fields have the same strength or depth as the PGA Tour’s. Smith, who joined LIV last season, stated this Monday at his news conference ahead of the first major.

“I believe the competition’s out there. Smith said that she doesn’t think the competition is as deep. “As the LIV tour expands and the fields become deeper and stronger, and all that stuff unfolds it will only get better and better. It is something that I cannot wait for to personally witness.

The world’s sixth-ranked player admitted that he missed playing at certain tournaments and on specific courses this season. He has no regrets.

“I’ve made my own bed and I’m happy,” said the winner of the Open Championship. “I’m happy to lie in the bed that I have, basically.”

Smith pointed out that he’s not performing as well as he did last season but has played the same number of tournaments this year as before the Masters. He doesn’t believe switching tours has affected him. Smith attributes his slow start to a “long-offseason” spent in Australia with family and friends, not to the LIV setup.

Smith said, “I think there’s lots of chatter about these men don’t actually play real golf; these boys don’t even play real courses.” “But we still have a lot more guys up there who can play some really serious, and we compete with each other hard week-in and week-out, and are trying to do the exact same things that were done six months ago.”

Smith believes that doing the same thing is a way to show his love for Augusta National and help him get through the rest. Smith has so far finished sixth, 26th, and 29th in all three LIV events this year, but the Masters has been his favorite. Smith has four top-10 finishes since 2018, including a tie for second in 2020.

Smith described Augusta as “creative — the firmness, fastness, and beauty of the greens reminds a lot of Sandbelt and just good memories,” Smith said. “I look forward to getting out there tomorrow, and just falling in love with this place again.”

Smith, despite all the talk about LIV players at this years’s first major, said he wasn’t sure what to expect when Smith arrived Monday. He drove up Magnolia Lane to his self described “happy spot” and was not sure what to expect. Smith was pleasantly surprised when he arrived at the range to be greeted with smiles, handshakes and hugs by fellow players.

Smith stated that he believes that the LIV-PGA Tour discourse is “wound up” and that he doesn’t believe there’s any hatred among players on either tour.

“I just think there is too much rubbish going.” Smith said. Smith said, “I spent an hour there and saw many familiar faces, and it was nice. We are all happy where they are.”

On Monday, LIV players sat down with PGA Tour members. Many of the former wore their LIV team colors and logos, while others had “Golf Saudi” staff bags.

Smith answered Augusta’s question about whether he was contractually required by LIV to wear team gear. Smith brought a replica of his wardrobe but without the LIV logos. Just in case.

Smith said, as an Augusta moderator in a green jacket sat beside him, “Unless it is a problem for them guys,” and “I’m gonna wear it.”