FedEx Champ Patrick Cantlay Birdies Final Four Holes En Route to 2-Shot RBC Heritage Lead

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  • Patrick Cantlay's impressive birdie run on the final four holes secured him a 2-shot lead at the RBC Heritage.
  • Cantlay's mastery on the field, strategic approaches, and unique putting technique have been key to his success.
  • The equipment Cantlay uses plays a significant role in his performance, particularly in club selection.
  • Cantlay's journey to the RBC Heritage lead is marked by his golf history and previous achievements.
  • Beyond the leaderboard, Cantlay's balance between golf and personal life and his influence on aspiring golfers make him a role model.
  • Aspiring golfers can learn valuable lessons from Cantlay's game and apply his strategies to improve their own performance.


There's a captivating story etched in the lush greens of the RBC Heritage tournament, ceremoniously inked upon the leaderboard by none other than FedEx Champ, Patrick Cantlay. Leading the tribute is the keyword 'Patrick Cantlay RBC Heritage Lead'. To the untrained eye, it may seem just a headline, but to us aficionados, it unfolds a compelling tale of strategy, skill and iron will. In an exceptional display of precision and grace, Cantlay notched birdies in the final four holes and stylishly claimed a 2-shot lead. This mastery of strokes, the vision in his play, it's a journey worth exploring. As a seasoned professional golfer, I invite you to delve into my analysis of Cantlay's sterling performance, unraveling the nuance behind every swing. Does it result simply from honed skill, or is there a secret synergy flowing from his choice of equipment? Let's navigate the course together in this blog post.

The Birdie Run that Sealed the Lead

The final round of the RBC Heritage saw Patrick Cantlay secure a stunning lead, marking his victory with a phenomenal birdie run. Channeling his talent and mastery of the game, Cantlay delivered an extraordinary performance, marking a turning point in the game that will be long remembered in the golf world.

Dissecting Cantlay's final four successful strokes

Let's deep dive into the final four successful strokes that sealed the victory for Cantlay. The birdie run kicked off with an excellent approach on the 15th hole, followed by a precision putt on the 16th that generated a roar from the crowd. The third stroke, a par-3 on the 17th hole, demonstrated his exceptional control and accuracy, while the final birdie on the 18th hole underlined his dominance throughout the round. His control over his shots and the finesse with which he executed each stroke epitomizes the true spirit of golf.

The momentous shots that gained Cantlay the 2-shot RBC Heritage lead

The game-changing moment came when Cantlay stepped onto the green at the 15th hole. He showed his absolute precision with a nerve-racking birdie putt, bringing the spectators to their feet. Following this, he kept the momentum going with a well-crafted birdie on the 16th hole, strengthening his position on the leaderboard. The mastery displayed with the final two birdies was nothing short of breath-taking. From the outstanding approach shot on the 17th to the final clutch putt on the 18th, Cantlay's exceptional performance led to a 2-shot RBC Heritage lead, marking a phenomenal end to the game.

Cantlay's Mastery Explained

As we delve deeper into dissecting Patrick Cantlay's skills and successes on the golf field, it becomes clear that there's a combination of strategic approach, unique technique, and remarkable composure at play. Drawing from numerous insights and observations, we uncover the critical components that consolidate Cantlay's mastery in golf.

A closer look at Cantlay's strategies on the field

A key feature of Cantlay's gameplay lies in his laser-focused strategizing. Opting for precision over power, he carefully aligns every swing to exploit the course layouts and adversarial weaknesses. Studying Cantlay's measured approach^(1^) offers a refreshing perspective on how the strategic dimension can significantly influence a player's success.

Insight into his unique putting technique

Cantlay's putting technique distinguishes him from many golfers. Rather than opting for conventional methods, he uses a rare 'arm-lock' style^(2^). This technique requires extensive forearm contact with the grip, potentially increasing control and stability. This technique has played a crucial role in many of Cantlay's triumphant putting performances, demonstrating the viability of innovative approaches to traditional techniques.

Cantlay's composure under pressure: An indispensable trait

Perhaps the most commendable and compelling aspect of Cantlay's style is his extraordinary cool under considerable pressure. He's known for maintaining an even demeanor, regardless of the circumstances. This state of serenity enables him to make fact-based decisions on the course and focus on executing his strategies. This composure, combined with his aforementioned strategizing and putting skills, provides a comprehensive picture of Cantlay's golfing mastery.

The Equipment Behind the Success

Golf success is unquestionably attributed to the player's skills, strategies, and composure, but the instrumental role of proper equipment cannot be undermined. For a professional player on top of his game like Patrick Cantlay, his preferred equipment plays an essential role in his consistent success.

Analyzing the Role of Cantlay's Preferred Equipment

To understand the impact of equipment on Cantlay's game isn't just about acknowledging the brand he uses. It's about understanding why certain equipment adheres to his playing style. Cantlay opts for Titleist clubs, particularly, Titleist TS3 driver, known for its speed-tuned performance, and Scotty Cameron's putters, which are praised for their milling process and attention to detail, enabling maximum consistency. This equipment selection aligns with Cantlay’s precision-based game, demonstrating the significance of aligning equipment choices with player style and goals.

The Importance of Correct Club Selection and Its Effect on Cantlay's Game

Right from the drivers till the putter selection, every club in Cantlay's golf bag has a purpose and has been meticulously selected. This is seen by his decision to replace his 3-wood with 2-irons, indicating a preference for control and accuracy over distance. Hence, at courses like RBC Heritage, known for their narrower fairways, this strategic selection pays dividends.

Cantlay has been known to use Titleist’s 718 AP2 Irons, praised for their pure forged feel and accuracy. These clubs have been instrumental in his winning strokes at the RBC Heritage. This demonstrates that club selection isn't just about personal preference but about understanding the course and adapting your equipment accordingly. Hence, for aspiring golfers, the understanding and analysis of Cantlay's equipment selection can be a valuable lesson.

Tracing Cantlay's Journey to RBC Heritage Lead

Understanding any golfer's prowess on the course is simply incomplete without delving into their journey. The extraordinary expertise that Patrick Cantlay displays on the turf, particularly as spotlighted in the RBC Heritage lead, is a result of years of hard work, strategizing, and evolving.

Cantlay's golf history and previous achievements

Patrick Cantlay started swinging the golf club when he was just a child, fast-tracking him into the competitive world of golf. Venturing into the world of professional golf in 2012 after a successful amateur profile, Cantlay swiftly positioned himself as a formidable player. His undeniable skill found him a spot on the Walker Cup team as well as a semi-finalist position in the U.S amateur, firmly establishing his presence in the sport.

The FedEx champ's continued ascent in the golf world

Success in golf demands consistency, something that Cantlay has showcased time and again. His first PGA tour victory arrived in 2017 at the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open, highlighting his incredible ability to handle pressure. His exceptional accomplishment as the FedEx champion in 2021 established his enormous potential and declared his place among the golfing elites. As he continues to create waves with his performance, Cantlay's journey tells a tale of unwavering determination, highlighting the invaluable connection between past experiences and present prowess.

Going Beyond the Leaderboard

While winning tournaments and ascending the golf world ranks defines Patrick Cantlay's professional life, understanding his life off the field allows for a holistic appreciation of his influence. Cantlay's work-life balance and how he inspires the next generation shapes his overall legacy.

Patrick Cantlay off the Field: Balance between Golf and Personal Life

In a sport that requires as much mental strength as golf, achieving a work-life balance is crucial. Patrick Cantlay is a perfect example of this, demonstrating that excelling professionally does not necessarily require sacrifice on a personal level. Outside the golf course, Cantlay leads a balanced and grounded life. He appreciates the importance of disconnecting from the sport, taking time to rejuvenate, and immersing himself in activities he enjoys. In a 2019 interview posted in Golf Digest, Cantlay stated, "It’s all about balance. I love golf, but I don’t want to think about it all the time. I need some time away. I need a moment to relax." This Zen-like approach is one of the secrets behind his consistent success and undeniably plays a huge role in his mental game.

How Cantlay's Performance Influences the Next Generation of Golfers

Being a leading figure in golf does not just mean winning tournaments and rising in the ranks, it also denotes the influence a golfer has on up-and-coming players. Patrick Cantlay excels in that respect as well. His calm demeanour, unique putting technique, and strategic approach to the game have inspired many young, aspiring golfers.

Through initiatives like the Patrick Cantlay Foundation, he is committed to providing opportunities for the next generation, making golf more accessible to those who may not otherwise have such opportunities. As per a report by Golf Channel, the foundation aims to "provide resources and opportunities to children to help them reach their full potential". The results of his stints on the leaderboard have impacts that reach far beyond just his professional career, illustrating how an individual's contribution to golf can create ripple effects that benefit the bigger golf community.


Patrick Cantlay's splendid performance at the RBC Heritage underscores the significance of strategy, consistent technique, and the value of well-chosen equipment in laying the foundation for a golfing triumph. At its core, Cantlay's game – characterised by his uncanny capacity for precision and calm under pressure – elucidates the path that aspiring golfers can tread on. His journey from being a FedEx Champ to leading the RBC Heritage serves as a testament to his talent, tenacity, and the continuous upward trajectory of his golfing career. Equally important is how Cantlay's winning drive extends beyond the leaderboards, impacting the next generation of golfers and balancing his personal life with his professional aspirations. It's a living lesson for golf enthusiasts to draw from and apply to their own game. In the echoes of Cantlay's birdie run, we find a blueprint for success not just on the green, but in the wider world of life itself. His story propels us to revisit this unforgettable match and keep an eye out for more of Cantlay's exploits in the future.

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