Judge dismisses Patrick Reeds defamation lawsuit vs. Golf Channel

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A federal judge in Florida dismissed Friday a golfer Patrick Reeds $750 million defamation lawsuit against Brandel Chamblee, The Golf Channel and other.

U.S. District Judge Timothy J. Corrigan gave Reed until December 16 to file an amended petition. The defendants have till January 13 to reply.

Corrigan wrote Friday that Reed failed to give Defendants notice about the grounds on which each claim rests, because Reed alleges 120 facts and then proceeds to include all 120 into each count.

Corrigan wrote that Reed attempted to allege a variety of civil conspiracy and defamation violations against each defendant; causes which require vastly differing factual allegations. The Court dismisses Reeds Complaint. Reed is directed to include in each count the facts relevant to the causes of action in his amended complaint.

Reeds lawyers alleged in the original complaint that Chamblee, Golf Channel and Jay Monahan conspired to defame Reed since he had 23 years of age — nine years ago.

Mr. Reed is happy that the Court sustained diversity jurisdiction, and set a deadline to the Defendants for responding to our soon-to-be filed amended complaint, that will add yet further defamatory statements that were published following the initial complaint, Reeds attorney Larry Klayman stated in a statement. The order deals only with the form of our complaint, which is easy to address, and not the substance, which are very strong. This case is intended to end the malicious defamation of Mr. Reed and other LIV-players.

Reed alleges that the defendants conspired with him to destroy his reputation, create hate and a hostile environment for his work, with the intent of discrediting his achievements as a young elite, world-class golfer and the caring, good-hearted father of his two children.

Reed, the 2018 Masters Champion, has left the PGA Tour to take part in the new LIV Golf circuit. Monahan suspended PGA Tour players who participated in LIV Golf tournaments that did not conflict with event releases. Reed was part Dustin Johnsons 4 Aces team that won LIV golfs inaugural team championship. Reed earned more that $12 million in seven LIV golf events.

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