Korn Ferry Tour announces 2023 schedule, new end-of-season format

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The path to the PGA Tour for 30 players starts in the Bahamas next season as part of a Korn Ferry Tour program that features the same number and amount of tournaments, nearly $8,000,000 more in prize money, and a revamped ending.

The Korn Ferry Tour announced its 2023 schedule Tuesday. It included changes that had already been in the works. The regular season will start with a minimum $1million purse and $180,000 to the winner.

The years end will see the changes. Instead of 25 players receiving PGA Tour cards at seasons end, the Korn Ferry uses a playoff system similar the FedEx Cup that has increased points and smaller fields after each round. The top 156 players are eligible for Albertson Boise Open. There are 144 players at the Simmons Bank Open and 120 at the Nationwide Childrens Hospital Championship. The top 75 players will go to the Korn Ferry Tour Championship.

All playoff events have $1.5million purses ($270,000 for winner).

Alex Baldwin, Korn Ferry Tour president, said that she is thrilled with the momentum shes carrying into the next chapter of our tour’s history.

25 PGA Tour cards were previously awarded by the Korn Ferry Tour to regular season players, 25 cards to postseason fields made up of PGA Tour and Korn Ferry Tour players. There will now be 30 cards. At least five cards are from a traditional Q school, while 10 cards are available to the top European players.

The Korn Ferry Tour schedule has been updated to include two Louisiana tournaments as well as one in Maine. They have been replaced in New Jersey, Oklahoma, and Chile.

The season opens in January with tournaments in the Bahamas and Latin America (Panama & Colombia), then it is off for five weeks until it resumes in March.

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