LIV Golf calls reported deal to show events on FS1 incomplete and inaccurate

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LIV Golf, a Saudi-funded company, denied Tuesdays report that it was close to a U.S. television contract in which it would purchase time to be shown on FS1.

GolfweekIn a Tuesday night publication, the newspaper cited multiple sources, which it did not identify, to say that the agreement is still being finalized.

It would be contrary to what Greg NormanLIV Golfs commissioner and CEO, Jeremy, stated to a Chicago radio station that two weeks ago he was speaking out when he said, “Were talking with four different networks, live conversations where offers can be made. They can see the results we are delivering.

LIV Golf released a statement claiming that the Golfweek Report was incomplete and inaccurate, and that it is ahead schedule in its first year, including areas such as broadcast rights.

LIV Golf is just starting its process and is actively discussing with several companies about broadcasting LIV Golf League, the statement read. We caution you that no one should draw any conclusions regarding potential media rights as we are still in negotiations with many outlets.

Fox Sports declined comment.

Networks often pay a fees to broadcast a sporting event. For example, the PGA Tour has a new media rights agreement that allows its tournaments to be broadcast on CBS, NBC and Golf Channel. The deal, which covers nine years, is estimated to be worth $7 billion.

Golfweek reported that LIV Golf would pay the time slot and cover the cost of production. The deal may include a few promotional spots that let viewers know when it will air.

Any deal, even a one-time buy, would give LIV Golf the TV viewership it so desperately needs on an American linear channel. To attract players, the league already has paid substantial signing fees. Some are reported to be in excess of $150 million. Each tournament offers $25,000,000 in prize money. It doesnt have any corporate support.

It was difficult to get the major networks due to their existing agreements with PGA Tour and animosity among the rival circuits.

The Wall Street Journal reported recently that Amazon and Apple were not interested.

LIV Golf was shown on its YouTube channel, Facebook, and its website. Viewership numbers have been low.

Next month, the series will be playing in Thailand and Saudi Arabia. Then, it will end its inaugural season near Miami where it will compete for a $50,000,000 team championship. The 54-hole event was moved to Sunday.

It was unclear if any television deals would begin in Miami between Oct. 28-30, or wait until 2023 when LIV Golf said it would have a full schedule. The 2023 schedule wont be released until November.

If you have FS1 as your time buy, there may be issues with September and October. FS1 has a steady intake of college football on Saturdays.

Golfweek reported LIV wanted a right fee for the second anniversary of any deal and a guaranteed slot. Fox was not interested.

LIV Golf was launched in June and currently has 12 of the top 50 world players, most notably Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, Brooks Koepka, Phil Mickelson Cameron SmithLIV Golf officially welcomed Jeremy, one month after he won the Open Championship.

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