LIV Golfs Patrick Reed refiles $750 million defamation lawsuit against Golf Channel, employees

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Golfer Patrick ReedHis $750 million defamation suit against Brandel Chamblee, analyst at Golf Channel, was reopened by his attorneys in Jacksonville, Florida on Thursday. He also added other Golf Channel employees to the complaint.

The lawsuit charges the Golf Channel, Golfweek, Gannett, and its parent company Gannett, as also employees Chamblee and Damon Hack, Shane Bacon, and Eamon Lynch with conspiracy, defamation and injurious falsehood, and tortious interference.

Reed filed the lawsuit in Texas federal court on Aug. 16.

According to a news release from Reed’s attorney Larry Klayman, the lawsuit claims that the defendants conspired to anticompetitive conduct and anticompetitive tactics to destroy Mr. Reed and other LIV Golf players.

According to the news release, Reed was called a cheater , liar and thief by the defendants. He also claimed that he accepted blood money from terrorists.

Klayman released that The PGA Tours and its partner the NBC Golf Channels mission are to destroy a top LIV Golf Tour Player, his family, and all of the LIV Golf Players to further their agendas and alleged collaborative efforts in order to destroy the new LIV Golf Tour. These calculated malicious attacks, as alleged in the complaint have created hatred, aided, and abetted hostile workplace environments, and have caused substantial emotional and financial damage to Mr. Reeds family.

Reed, the 2018 Masters Champion, resigned from PGA Tour. It has suspended its members for participating in LIV Golf tournaments with no conflicting-event release. Reed, a ninetime winner on PGA Tour, earned over $37 million in his tour career.

LIV Golf and three players filed a federal antitrust complaint against the PGA Tour accusing it illegally suspending them and using monopoly power in order to squash competition.

Klayman stated in a release that while the alleged illegal acts of the defendants in defamation and other acts in regard to Mr. Reed are nothing new, his joining LIV Golf has made it more intolerable. In the end, enough is enough. It is time for Mr. Reed, his family and all LIV golfers to protect themselves and their families from being maliciously defamed and harmed by other illegal acts in an attempt to preserve the PGA Tours allegedly illegal monopoly and stranglehold on professional golf.

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