Open Champion Cameron Smith says its not fair LIV golfers are not getting ranking points

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British Open champion Cameron SmithOn Wednesday, he stated that he felt it unfair that LIV Golf members are not receiving world rankings points. He hopes that this changes before his exemption from the four majors.

World No. 2 Smith, This week, LIV Golf made the official move for this coupleWith his win at the British Open last month, he was granted exemption to all four majors of golf for at least five years.

The majors organizers havent changed their qualifying rules but Smith, 29, could still one day be on the outside looking in. Smith cant earn world ranking points for the moment.

Smith said, Its really shame that we arent getting world ranking points out there, ahead of his LIV golf debut this week outside Boston.

Its a bit unfair that 48 of the best men in the world are playing, but not to be ranked in the world.

Its still very competitive out there. Its just a little unfair.

LIV Golf offers a variety of golf courses. With staggering sums of cash, players lured away from PGA TourThe financial gains could come at a price for those who want to continue competing in the Masters, PGA Championships and U.S Open.

LIV Golfs application to the Official World Golf Ranking board — which consists of representatives from the PGA Tour, DP World Tour, USGA, R&A, PGA of America and Augusta National — is under review.

Smith stated, I hope these world ranking points will be sorted out before my exemption expires.

It may seem unfair to major championship golf fans. Majors are about having top players on the best golf courses. We can make that work.

Smith, who first started talking to LIV Golf before. His triumph at the British OpenDespite hearing the criticisms about his decision, he has no regrets.

This is a new chapter in my life. This is what I believe is the future for golf. Smith stated, I love how it looks out here.

Its a little more relaxed on the range, the music. That stuff is my favorite. I love music and I enjoy playing at home.

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