Pebble Beach makes 8th hole safer after Spieths daring shot

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PEBBLE BEACH (Calif.) Jordan SpiethIt will be difficult to replicate Spieth’s daring second shot over the cliff at the par-4 eighth hole in last year’s Pebble Beach Pro-Am. This adjustment was made by the resort partly due to guests trying to recreate Spieth’s shot while playing on the course.

ESPN reported that Gary Young, the PGA Tours chief referee, met with Pebble Beach representatives Tuesday night. They stated that they had had to move the red hazard line back during resort play and ensure that the rough was thick enough for balls to not run out to the spot where Spieths tee ball landed last season.

Young stated that Young painted the line where it is traditionally located. I know that they make a concerted effort as a club to move that line farther away. They have always been concerned about resort play and they want to discourage others from trying it.

Spieth took a controversial shot last year against the advice of Michael Greller, his caddie. Greller advised him to take a penalty shot. The two-time major winner took an off-balance swing, which forced him to back away from the bluff as the ball hit him. Spieth was able to save par on the hole, but regrets the decision. On Wednesday, he was again asked about the shot.

Spieth stated, I think that I saved a stroke. Does it outweigh any risk? If you believe the risk is dying, its not. I also felt I could swing it over the water using a 7-iron to get it up close to the green. I thought hitting it from 10 yards back would be more difficult than hitting a 7 iron up close to the green. Its possible that, having known my son better, I might not have hit that shot.

Spieth claimed this week that he noticed that the grass was growing up by the edge but doesn’t believe that solves larger issues.

Spieth stated, It stops any balls that may have been through before. So there is no win here. I think I really screwed up by hitting that. I dont know the answer. It is best to shave it completely so that it, no matter how, goes straight in and has less chance of stopping. I dont know. Because your second shot will miss the fence, so you cant put a fence there.

This is downright frightening right now.

This shot by Jordan Spieth was quite a scene. 😬

— Golf on CBS ⛳ (@GolfonCBS) February 5, 2022

Young stated that the resort has a sign that warns guests not to get too close to the edge. However, Young stated that the 8th will not have any signage to discourage players from taking the shot and the hazard line will still be in its normal location. Young believes the rough should perform its job.

Young said that while the rough is uniform in size (two inches), its very thick. They fertilize that area quite heavily. They do it again to promote a thick layer of rough that will keep a golf ball from chasing down the fairway into the area.

Young also pointed out that most people, whether they are resort guests or amateurs in this tournament, wont be able to hit it as far and as hard as Spieth.

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