Rory McIlroy – Greg Norman needs to go for LIV, PGA Tour compromise

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No.1 golfer in the World 1 golfer Rory McIlroyTuesdays announcement stated that LIV Golf CEO/commissioner must be in place before the PGA Tour, LIV Golf circuits can work together. Greg Normanmust step down.

McIlroy addressed reporters ahead of the DP World Tour Championships in Dubai. He said that the sides will not come to a compromise until Norman is no more the public face of the new circuit funded by Saudi Arabias Public Investment Fund.

McIlroy stated that there are a few things I would like to see happen on the LIV side. I think Greg needs out. He needs to leave the stage. He has made his mark. However, I believe now is the right moment to sort of say, Look, you have this thing in motion, but no one will talk unless someone is present that can actually attempt to mend fences.

Majed al Sorour, CEO of Saudi Golf Federation and leader of Saudi Golf refuted a Telegraph of London report claiming Norman was being forced out. The Telegraph reported LIV Golf was seeking Taco Bell CEO Mark King as a replacement for Norman. King was previously the CEO at TaylorMade and president at Adidas North America.

The Telegraph reported King attended several LIV Golf events in the inaugural season and met Yasir al-Rumayyan who is governor of Saudi Public Investment Fund.

Al Sorour declared last week that Greg Norman was our CEO and Commissioner. Any suggestion Greg is being relegated to a different title or role is patently false.

A Sports Resolutions UK panel will decide in February whether the DP World Tour can penalize its members who participated in LIV golf events. Ian Poulter, Lee Westwood, Graeme McDowellOthers.

LIV Golf and a handful its players filed a Federal antitrust lawsuitLIV Golf argues that the PGA Tour suspended players for participating in LIV Golf tournaments. LIV Golf also claims that the PGA Tour is using its monopoly power and trying to squash competition. The PGA Tour You filed a countersuitLIV Golf claims that LIV Golf interfered with contracts it had with members.

McIlroy stated that its been a contentious year for golf. And I have said this before: The best thing in golf would be to have all the top players playing together. Whats happening now is not that. When that happens, I fear for the game.

Its contentious because of the lawsuits and people suing each other; its very, extremely messy. Once all of this stuff is sorted out, you can move on to the stage of forgiveness and dialogue where people can find common ground. Its not easy to make this happen, even though all of this is happening.

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