Rory McIlroy says brainwash remark led to Greg Norman rift

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Rory McIlroyThought his differences with Greg NormanThe dispute over the Saudi-funded rival league of golf had been resolved. Norman accused Norman of being brainwashed , by the golfs ruling elite.

I thought, What do you think? McIlroy declared in a Interview in the Sunday IndependentIreland

The second part is McIlroys interview with Paul Kimmage. McIlroy also discusses how his relationship with a long-time friend turned sour. Sergio Garcia.

McIlroy Tiger WoodsNorman, LIV Golfs CEO and Commissioner, must be removed from the picture if golf is to have any chance of coming together. Norman said that it wont happen.

I pay zero interest to McIlroy & Woods, right? Norman stated this in an interview with Todays Golfer magazine in Britain. They have their agenda for whatever reason. They say what they want. It has no bearing on me. I will be with LIV for a long time.

McIlroy has been taking shots towards Norman since he won The Canadian Open in June, just a day after LIV golfs inaugural event outside London. McIlroy went out to emphasize that his 21st career PGA Tour winning was one more than any other.

McIlroy said, That gave you a little extra motivation today.

Norman has 20 career PGA Tour wins.

He had the chance to reclaim No. McIlroy was asked if he had a goal of how long he would like No. 1 in the world ranking at Octobers CJ Cup. McIlroy stated that he would like to be No. 1 by the end his career. He mentioned 332, which is one less than Norman.

McIlroy, speaking in Dubai last month said that the fractured state golf between LIV Golf Golf and PGA Tour would not heal as long Norman is involved.

I think Greg needs out. I believe he needs to get off the stage left. McIlroy saidShe added that no one would talk unless there is an adult in the space.

Woods also made the same comments at the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas this week.

I am not going anywhere. I dont care about what anyone says. Norman said that he isnt going anywhere. I am proud to be in the position I am and maybe its my leadership which has them scared. Maybe.

McIlroy claimed that the rift began in February 2020, when talk about a Premier Golf League , backed by Saudi funds, surfaced. McIlroy was the first major player to declare he was not interested in the project, adding that he wanted to be on right side of history.

He referred back to a moment in which Arnold Palmer stood up against Normans World Golf Tour in 1994. The conversation was quickly put to an abrupt halt by Palmers words.

[Norman]He wasnt happy and we had a very testy back-and forth and he was very condescending. Maybe one of these days youll understand, and all this [stuff]McIlroy stated this in an interview with Independent.

McIlroy then watched an ESPN documentary about Normans fall to lose the 1996 Masters. He was so moved that he sent Norman a message saying, Hopefully it reminds everybody of how great golfer you are.

McIlroy claimed Norman had sent him a heartfelt note after McIlroy lost a four-shot lead in Round 4 of the 2011 Masters.

McIlroy stated, He was amazing. So I said it to him, Watching it reminded me of how you reached back to me in 2011. I just want to say that it was a great experience and one I will always remember. It meant a lot. It is obvious that our opinions on golf are very different. However, I wanted to let you know that and wish your success.

So, a little bit of an olive branch and he came right back to me immediately: I really believe that golf can be a force fo good around the globe. … Im sure our opinions arent always in agreement, but I want to make it easier for all golfers.

Fine. McIlroy said, Fine. McIlroy said that McIlroy then did an interview with The Washington Post a few weeks later and claimed that he had been brainwashed by the PGA Tour.

We have had a really pleasant back-and-forth, and he said that about me.

McIlroy said in the interview that the PGA Tour was lucky Norman is involved in LIV because, I think if [they] had found someone less polarizing LIV would have made more inroads.

McIlroy stated that Woods and Garcia were his two favorite golfers. He described Garcia as an exciting young player. They were both at each others weddings, McIlroy even being a groomsman to Garcia.

McIlroy claimed that he didnt know Garcia was joining LIV golf until Garcia told him on the range at Wells Fargo Championship that the Spaniard had a new plane. McIlroy offered McIlroy a ride to LIV events near London.

McIlroys win in Canada was the week that the relationship fell apart at the U.S. Open. McIlroy had stated that LIV Golf players were choosing the easy path in an interview that week.

He claimed that he woke up Friday morning to receive a text message from Garcia basically telling him to shut down about LIV, [blah]], blah…, blah…, blah…, blah…, blah…, blah…, blah…blah,blah,blah…blah.

McIlroy admitted that he was very offended and sent him back with a few daggers.

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