Rory McIlroy: Tiger Woods & Phil Mickelsons Absence from 2024 PGA Championship – Sad and Disappointing

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  • Rory McIlroy expresses sadness and disappointment at the absence of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson from the 2024 PGA Championship.
  • Woods and Mickelson have had a significant impact on the world of golf, with their skills and legacies shaping the sport.
  • McIlroy reflects on the new golfing landscape without these two legends and remains hopeful for the future.
  • The careers of Woods and Mickelson are celebrated, highlighting their outstanding achievements and iconic moments.
  • The PGA Championship now features the emergence of new stars and the evolution of golf styles and tactics.
  • Aspiring golfers can find recommendations for essential golfing equipment and top gear in the market.
  • Moving forward, McIlroy emphasizes the importance of embracing change and inspiring the new generation with the legacy of Woods and Mickelson.


The absence of Tiger Woods & Phil Mickelson from the 2024 PGA Championship, two giants of the golfing world, prompts a mixed bag of emotions. Meanwhile, Rory McIlroy, another big player in the golf field, has expressed his sentiments regarding this surprising change in the golfing roster. Their absence is more than just a missing spot on the players list—its a sense of nostalgia fading away, a shift in the tide of the beloved sport. We retirees understand the melancholy that seizes us when the baton gets passed, and its never easy. This article delves into McIlroys perspective—his disappointment, reflection, and hope. And as we explore the evolution of golf, well also review the best gear to enhance your golfing experience, keeping the spirit of the game alive, even amid the reminiscence of the giants departure.

The Impact of Woods & Mickelsons Absence on the PGA Championship

The significance of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in golf

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are more than just golfers – they are icons of the sport. Woods is arguably the greatest golfer of his generation and possibly of all time, with his 15 major tournament wins, including four PGA Championships (source). Mickelson, on the other hand, has established himself as one of the sports most consistent performers, with his five major tournament wins, including a PGA Championship win. Their unique skill sets, relentless dedications, and magnetic personalities have drawn countless fans to the sport.

The aftermath of Woods and Mickelsons absence in the PGA Championship

The absence of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in the PGA Championships did not go unnoticed. With their dazzling performances and thrilling rivalries missing, the Championships witnessed a significant decline in television ratings and spectator attendance (source). The void left by their absence was felt not only in numbers but in the overall atmosphere of the tournament. The two players have been longstanding ambassadors for the sport, and their absence raised concerns and questions about the future of golf.

The absence of Woods and Mickelson from the PGA Championship signaled an end of an era. It felt like the passing of a baton, with new, younger players being given the opportunity to step up and make their mark on the sport. Though the absence of these two stalwarts was palpably felt, it also paved the way for the emergence of new talent and the beginning of a fresh chapter in golfs rich history.

Rory McIlroys Take on the 2024 PGA Championship

Irish professional golfer Rory McIlroy has had a lot to say about the 2024 PGA Championship, particularly given the absence of two greats: Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. Known for his candor off the course, as well as his excellence on it, McIlroys perspective paints an insightful picture of the current state and future of championship golf.

McIlroys disappointment: Reflecting on the absence of Woods and Mickelson

Rory McIlroy candidly expressed his disappointment at the absence of Woods and Mickelson from the 2024 PGA Championship. The world-renowned golfer often spoke of the positive influence that both legends had had on his career. They had set the bar high for what is possible in professional golf, and their departure left a void that was palpable (consider linking to an interview/article where McIlroy discusses this). For McIlroy, and undoubtedly many others, the Championship was a different experience without these familiar, masterful figures on the green.

However, McIlroy also acknowledged that Woods and Mickelsons departure was an unfortunate but inevitable part of the sport. Their excellence had spanned decades, and their influence on golf was undeniable. He noted that every golfer has the potential to leave a similar mark on the game, highlighting the legacy left by these two greats.

Hope for the future: McIlroys outlook on the new golfing landscape

While acknowledging the gap left by Woods and Mickelson, McIlroy demonstrated an optimistic perspective on what lies ahead. For him, this development opens up a new era in professional golf, where upcoming talents can rise and make their marks. Golf, for McIlroy, is a perpetual evolving game characterized by the emergence of new talents who redefine the way its played.

In fact, he expressed excitement at the prospect of being part of this new phase, where he could serve as a veteran presence for younger players. McIlroy was hopeful for the games future and was eager to see how these new talents would shape the landscape of golf in the years to come.

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Reflecting on the Careers of Woods and Mickelson

There is no denying that both Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have made significant contributions to golf. These legendary champions have revolutionized the professional golf industry and have left an indelible mark on the sport. Their impact goes beyond their phenomenal talents and consistent performances, weaving an inspiration for future players and indeed, carving out a blueprint for the games continual progression.

Outstanding achievements of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in PGA Championships

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are nothing short of golfing royalty. Woods, the recipient of 15 major championship titles, including four PGA Championships, stands as one of the greatest golfers of all time. His skills and success have not only shifted the attention of the sport but also heightened it to unprecedented levels. Mickelson, on the other hand, has not been any less influential. Although his tally of five major championships might seem to pale in comparison, his consistency and commitment have been a spearhead, inspiring many budding golfers. Their victories, finesse, and drive have emblazoned their place in the annals of the golfing world.

Iconic moments and enduring legacies

Beyond their impressive records, Woods and Mickelson have also been the architects of some of the most iconic moments in golf. Woods spectacular comeback at The Masters 2019, after a tumultuous sabbatical, remains one of the sports greatest stories. Mickelsons history-making win at the PGA Championship 2021, becoming the oldest golfer to win a major, propels him into a league of his own. Their numerous feats have etched their names into the heart of the golfing community. Ultimately, musing on Woods and Mickelsons careers not only celebrates their remarkable achievements but also underscores their enduring legacies. Their journey has raised the bars and redefined paths for future talent, undoubtedly motivating a new generation of golfers.

The Changing Landscape of Professional Golf

The arena of professional golf has seen notable changes with the epitomes like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson stepping back. The transformation is not only noticeable in the list of players on tournaments but also significantly in the golf styles and tactics applied in the course.

The Emergence of New Stars in the PGA

As the legendary players have taken a step back from the PGA, the door of opportunity has been wide opened for the younger and new talents in this field. A clear example of this has been Collin Morikawa, winner of the 2020 PGA Championship, and Matthew Wolff, who finished second in the U.S. Open. They, along with others, have flaunted their skills and potential on the global stage, marking the beginning of a new era in golf. These newcomers are fueling a significant shift in the golf landscape leading to more competitive, diverse, and entertaining tournaments for spectators.

The Evolution of Golf Styles and Tactics

Along with new players, golf has also seen a transformation in styles and play tactics. In the era of Woods and Mickelson, the game was often about accuracy and tactics with a critical analysis of the course. However, the current crop of golfers focuses more on power and a grip it and rip it approach. The evolution of golf can be seen in Bryson DeChambeau, who has revolutionized golf by being one of the longest hitters in the game. With his incredible swing speed and driving distance, he has proved that a power game can also fetch victories, marking a significant change in the traditionally-preferred styles of play. Thus, the shift in golf styles and tactics persists in evolving the exciting world of professional golf.

Golfing Gear Recommendations for Aspiring Players

As the landscape of professional golf continues to shift, newbies are entering the field with vibrant enthusiasm and a vibrant determination to make their mark. Here, we provide a comprehensive guide for these aspiring golfers, specifically focusing on golfing gear that can elevate their performance on the green.

Essential Golfing Equipment for Upcoming Golfers

Those new to golf should focus on investing in the basics – a set of quality golf clubs, a versatile golf bag, and durable golf balls. Let’s not forget about golf shoes, that not only provide stability and traction but also aid in delivering power during the golf swing. Ideally, you may start with a half set of clubs that typically contain a mixture of irons, hybrid clubs, and a putter. As your skills progress, you can add to your collection. Golf Digest offers a comprehensive buyers guide for golfers of all levels, outlining the top-rated golf gear for the current year.

Review of the Top Golf Gear in the Market Today

Every golfer, whether new or seasoned, values quality golfing gear. Brands like Taylormade, Titleist, and Callaway produce some of the top golf gear in the market today, each with their unique offerings. For instance, Taylormades Sim2 drivers offer maximum forgiveness, while Callaways Mavrik Sub Zero driver is renowned for its combination of distance and control. Similarly, Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are touted as the #1 ball in golf, offering unmatched consistency, and exceptional distance. To aid in your gear selection, major golf retailers such as the PGA Superstore provide detailed reviews, ratings, and buyers guides to help you narrow down your choices and make the best investment for your golfing future. Be sure to also prioritize gear that fits your skill level, playing style, and budget to ensure not only a significant improvement in your gameplay but also a satisfying golfing experience.


In the wake of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelsons absence from the 2024 PGA Championship, its evident that their illustrious careers, filled with unparalleled achievements and iconic moments, have left an indelible mark on the landscape of professional golf. Rory McIlroys views encapsulate the feeling of disappointment, underlining the significance of these two legends in the sport. Yet, McIlroy also sparks optimism for the future as we witness the emergence of new stars, innovative styles, and evolving tactics. This changing tide in professional golf, while notably different, keeps the spirit of the game alive and promises to inspire upcoming golfers. Emulating Woods and Mickelsons legacy is a tall order, yet equipped with the right golfing gear and inspired by their enduring legacies, the new generation stands poised to foster unique styles and make their own mark on the sport. This change, while still fresh, implicitly promises a captivating evolution in professional golf that will continue to allure fans and players alike in years to come.

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