The Match 2022 – Woods, McIlroy vs. Spieth, Thomas

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You might have hoped for the venomous bite of a venomous snake. Phil MickelsonTiger WoodsShowdown in the previous iterations. 1 Rory McIlroyFor Jordan Spieth Justin ThomasIt might feel more like a pillow fight.

A 30-minute Zoom news conference was held ahead of the 12-hole match at Pelican, Tampa, Florida. One thing was evident: These guys really like one another.

Spieth said, If I told JT and me in 2012 that we would be playing against these guys in a match, We want it to be won because these guys have inspired us.

Woods, 46 years old, has participated in two previous editions. It will be McIlroys debut, Spieths debut, and Thomass first appearance.

Woods, a 15 time major champion, is still planning to compete despite having to deal with plantar fasciitis in one foot. Woods, who was a 15-time major champion, had to withdraw from the Hero World Challenge in Bahamas last week. He told reporters that doctors had advised him to stop because the condition is too painful. InjuriesHe was in a car accident outside Los Angeles in February 2021.

Woods said being You can use a golf cartHe will be able to use his newfound knowledge to help him tremendously. Last year, he competed in just nine rounds in three majors. His last start was a miss cut at the 150th Open Championship in St. Andrews in July.

Woods swinging the club again will delight golf fans. He will also be playing with Charlie, his son, at the PNC Championship in Orlando next week. Woods will be able to again use a cart during the 36-hole event.

There will be plenty of humor with Charles Barkley, a former NBA star, providing commentary on The Match. Its hard not to imagine that there won’t be some jabs at LIV Golf’s CEO and commissioner. He is a two-time Open winner. Greg NormanDuring what could be an infomercial about the PGA Tour. Last week McIlroy saidAccording to the Independent of London, he plans to make it his business now to be as painful as possible [Normans] arse as possible.

McIlroy said that while the golfers are friendly rivals, none of them like losing.

McIlroy stated, Ive been on their wrong side in the Ryder Cup before and Im trying get one back on them. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. The partner I had before them doesnt compare to the one Ill have Saturday night.

The 12-hole match will begin at 6 p.m. ET and will be played in the dark. Its a best ball format in which each player plays his hole ball and the lowest score of both players is the team score.

I can tell ya one thing: I have the No. Woods stated that he is the No. 1 player in the world on his team, so hes good. Hell have the most amazing cheerleader he has ever had.

McIlroy expects more of his teammate.

According to Caesars Sportsbook, Thomas and Spieth are slightly more likely (-130) than McIlroy (+110), as per the oddsmakers.

[Tiger is]McIlroy stated that McIlroy is probably the best iron player ever to have lived. Perhaps the greatest golfer to ever have lived. I believe if he can get out there on the fairway and get some views from the fairway, well have a very strong chance.

There is bound to be plenty friendly trash-talking beginning with the first tee shots.

Thomas stated, Its hard to trash-talk their, I feel like Jordan and I need to make it clear that we both have more majors than we do, we have more FedEx Cups and you have an airplane. Lets not let that get used against us in our match.

Spieth stated, Theyre both quick & witty. Justin said that he was suggesting to me that we might have the nice guy route. This is unusual for us in these types matches.

Woods stated, Either way it wont work,

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