Tiger Woods doesnt know how many Masters he has left

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AUGUSTA. Ga. — As Tiger WoodsAs he prepares to make his 25th Masters appearance Tuesday, the five-time champion stated that he has thought about the possibility of playing his last competitive round at Augusta National.

Woods said, I dont know what I have in me. I know more men on the Champions Tour than I do on the regular tour.

Woods didnt express resignation in his words. It was more an unintentional explanation for what he said over the past year, after he lost his leg in a car accident. He continues to be determined to win, compete and practice.

Woods stated, The desire to win has always been there. And I have always worked hard and believed in what it was possible to do.

He can only do so much right now. Woods, 47, stated Tuesday that his game feels better than last year, but that his body is aching more because he has pushed his game harder, both at the Genesis Invitational and by practicing at home to prepare for the first major of 2019.

Woods stated, I have been able to re-create many of the chip shots at my home in my yard, or I am at Medalist hitting the side of lies.

Augusta is a place Woods can compete, even win, and it has become his second home. Augusta has been a treasure trove of his best moments, favorite memories, as well as his golf game. Even though his mobility isnt where he wants it to be, he has accepted his situation and, as he said Tuesday, chose to be grateful for his leg.

Woods stated that he was very fortunate to own the leg. Yes, it has been modified and there is some hardware, but its still mine. Its been hard and will always be difficult. My leg will never be the same. I get that. This is why I can not prepare and play as many tournaments I want, but thats my path, and thats fine. Thats fine with me.

Woods knows that his place in the game, at this age and in the world, is more than winning tournaments. His news conferences are rarely frequent and double as state-of-the-game addresses. He was also asked about the proposed no cut format that the PGA Tour might adopt next year in its revamped, designated events calendar.

Woods stated that he is pushing for a cut at his event. I think there should be a penalty if you dont play well. It shouldnt be possible to guarantee 72 holes for every event. I believe there should be a cut. We are still trying to figure it out.

He was also asked about the proposed 2026 USGA bifurcation. He joked that he might be gone when the new MLR is implemented.

Woods stated, I think that this should have happened long ago. He also noted how players will continue getting longer and making more golf courses obsolete. Woods opinion is not shared by his peers.

Woods said, Not all golf courses can move property and move holes back like Augusta National. There are only so many great golf courses that you can play on, and there is no way to play all of them.

Augusta is a category that Woods and many other top golfers worldwide share. Even though he has won here five time, it still feels possible.

Ive been through so many different scenarios. Woods stated, I dont sleep well so I go through it and rummage through the databank to find out how to hit shots at each and every place and then rehearse it. Thats how I can compete here. I don’t have the experience to compete in physical tournaments. I havent played as much as I used to. But, if I have a single golf course that I can return to, as I did last years, its here.

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