Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy launch tech-infused golf league featuring virtual venues, prime-time matches

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ATLANTA Tiger WoodsAnd Rory McIlroyWe are launching a new tech-infused golf league in partnership the PGA Tour. It will feature six three-man teams competing in 15 regular-season matches as well as a playoff that starts in January 2024.

TGL, a new league, will feature 18-hole matches over two hours on a virtual course. The matches will take places in prime time Monday nights at a custom-made venue in an undetermined location.

TGL released renderings Wednesday showing that the venues will have a simulator where players can hit longer shots and an authentic green area for chipping or putting.

The matches will likely be played between January-April, and each team will compete five times in the 15-week schedule.

McIlroy confirmed that Woods, 46 years old, intended to compete in these matches. Woods only participated in three tournaments during his recovery from the serious injuries he sustained in a car crash in Los Angeles in February 2021.

Who knows where Tiger Woods will play golf next? McIlroy said. We dont know when his schedule will be. We dont know what his body will look like. To be able see Tiger still show his skills on primetime TV, without any wear and tear, I think its a great use of his time.

Woods described the league as the next evolution in professional golf in a statement.

Woods said that technology has allowed him to propel his sport into primetime alongside many of the worlds most prestigious events. As an avid sports fan myself, I am excited about blending technology with team elements common in other sport.

We all know the feeling of being in a football arena or basketball arena and watching every play, every minute unfold in front. Its something that isnt possible with traditional golf. This is what TGL offers that will make it unique and appealing to a new generation.

Mike McCarley, CEO of TMRW Sports, stated that the company hopes to televise matches. Fans will be able bet on matches where it is legal as the PGA Tour players compete to win actual purses.

McIlroy stated that McCarley, the former president of Golf Channel, approached McIlroy about forming the league. Theyve been working together for around two years.

McIlroy stated, I think when someone approaches you and says, I have something to show you. I think it will be really cool. Itll enhance fan experience. oh and by the way, Tiger Woods is involved. Its like, Yeah. I think that would be pretty awesome.

McIlroy stated that the new league will allow PGA Tour members to interact with fans and grow the game. McIlroy also stated that players will be able to own shares in the league.

McIlroy stated that McIlroy believes it is a great opportunity for PGA Tour members to show a different side on Monday night. McIlroy said, Its great for brand exposure to try and engage a different audience. We all know how old the golf audience can be. This is why we are trying to get younger eyes to it.

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