The 8 Best Golf Exercises for Seniors to Maintain Longevity

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TL;DR: Enhancing fitness is crucial for senior golfers to maintain longevity on the course. Age impacts golf performance, but regular exercises can help seniors improve flexibility, strength, and overall game. Warm-up exercises are essential to prepare the body for optimal performance. Strength-building exercises focus on swing power, core strengthening, and leg stability. Flexibility exercises improve swing arc and follow-through. Cooling down and stretching after a game aids in muscle relaxation. Seniors should set fair fitness goals and take precautions to avoid injuries. Choosing appropriate golf equipment, including clubs and comfortable attire, is key for seniors to maximize their golf game.


Golf exercises for seniors are an essential part of maintaining longevity on the green. As a retired professional golfer, I understand the importance of staying in shape and ensuring that your body can withstand the physical demands of the sport. That's why I have compiled a list of the 8 best golf exercises for seniors to help you maintain strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. These exercises have been carefully selected based on their ability to target key muscle groups used in golf and improve your swing. Whether you're a seasoned golfer looking to enhance your game or a senior just starting out, these exercises will help you stay at the top of your game and enjoy the sport for years to come. So, let's dive in and discover how you can stay fit and keep swinging with these top golf exercises for seniors.

Understanding the Importance of Fitness in Golf

Playing golf might not seem overly exertive, but ensuring fitness, particularly for senior golfers, is more critical than it may appear. Fitness in golf is a nuanced balance of maintaining flexibility, strength, coordination, and, immensely, the stamina to play and enjoy the game without any discomfort or potential injuries. To learn more about the importance of fitness in golf, the Mayo Clinic provides an informational guide which spelunks into the various aspects of golf fitness.

Effects of Age on Golf Performance

Age can impact various factors in golf, from swing speed to endurance. For instance, age often leads to a decrease in flexibility and strength, which can in turn affect your swing speed and control. Reduced stamina or increased risk for injuries are aspects that can disrupt the golfing experience for seniors.

The Role of Flexibility and Strength in Golf

Strength and flexibility are two significant factors in golf that dramatically affect how well you play. A powerful swing requires significant muscle force, primarily from the core and legs. Similarly, a smooth, wide range of movements, crucial for a good swing arc, demands excellent flexibility. Therefore, a blend of both strength and flexibility makes up a high golf fitness level.

Benefits of Regular Golf Exercises for Seniors

With regular golf exercises, seniors can enhance their strength and flexibility, thereby improving their performance and minimizing injuries. It not only helps with better swings and less fatigue but regular exercise also echoes into other aspects of health, such as improved sleep, better mood, and overall increased vitality. Regular exercise, golf-specific or not, is generally beneficial for seniors, as suggested by this Harvard Medical School study. Regular exercise can lead to changes in the brain that can improve thinking and memory skills, adding yet another reason for seniors to maintain regular fitness.

Warm-Up Exercises for Senior Golfers

To ensure optimal performance and prevent injuries, senior golfers should prioritize warming up before they take their golf clubs out. Warming up stimulates blood flow, primes the muscles for activity, improves flexibility, and increases the range of motion, all of which are crucial for a successful golf swing.

Importance of Warm-Ups Before Playing

Just as warming up is crucial for any form of exercise, so it is for golf, especially for seniors. A good warm-up session prepares your body and mind for the game ahead, boosts your agility, reduces the risk of injury, and ultimately enhances your overall performance. This article from Mayo Clinic provides a detailed understanding of why warm-ups are so important before physical exertions.

Simple Warm-Up Exercise Examples to Follow

While there are no specifications on which warm-ups to perform, some beneficial examples for senior golfers can include gentle jogging, arm circles, toe touches, and side lunges. It's crucial, however, for the warm-ups to include movements that activate major muscles used in golf such as arms, wrists, waist, hips, and legs. Golf Digest, with its expert-approved pre-game warm-up routine, serves as an excellent guide for seniors looking to improve their warm-up routine. These exercises will not only ramp up your heart rate but also ensure that your body is well-prepared for the game.

Strength Building Exercises for Seniors

Strength training plays a critical role in maintaining and improving a senior golfer’s game. With the right set of exercises, seniors can enhance their swing power, balance, and stance stability. Encouragingly, as a senior golfer, strength training is not only beneficial to your golf game, but can also increase your overall health and longevity.

Resistance Exercise to Improve Swing Power

Resistance exercises are a potent ally in increasing swing power. These exercises work by building the muscles used in swinging a golf club. One such exercise is the resisted rotation, which targets the rotational muscles in your core that you use when swinging. Some added benefits of resistance training, such as increases in bone density, can be found at the Mayo Clinic's website.

Core Strengthening for Balance Control

Balance control is essential for every golfer, but it becomes even more critical for seniors. Core strengthening exercises can greatly enhance balance and stability. Exercises such as the pelvic tilt or even the classic plank can work wonders for the abs and lower back muscles, which form part of your core. WebMD offers an excellent guide on different core exercises that seniors can seamlessly incorporate into their routine.

Leg Strengthening for Stance Stability

Stance stability is fundamental in golf. The power of your swing is ultimately transferred to the ball through your legs and feet. Leg strengthening exercises, like squats or lunges, help to fortify leg muscles and ensure a sturdy stance. These exercises also help enhance balance and coordination, daunting the usual age-related declines. For a comprehensive guide on different leg strengthening exercises for seniors, check out the betterhealth website.

Flexibility Enhancing Exercises for Better Swings

To improve your swing in golf, it isn't just strength that matters but also the flexibility of your entire body. More notably, your shoulders and torso play vital roles in the effectiveness of your swing. This is because they help you to rotate your body sufficiently and smoothly, which largely determines your swing path and the follow-through. Here, we dive more into the importance of shoulder flexibility and torso mobility, and we suggest some exercises that can increase your flexibility in these areas.

Shoulder Flexibility for Optimum Swing Arc

In golf, the shoulder joint is a critical part of the swing motion, as it offers a broad range of motion and control when hitting the ball. An optimum shoulder turn allows for a higher swing arc, which, in turn, can help in achieving more distance [^1^].

Some flexibility exercises that aim at improving the flexibility of the shoulder joint include shoulder circles, cross-body shoulder stretches, and doorway shoulder stretches. Each of these exercises works the shoulder muscles differently, ensuring a comprehensive workout. To learn how to properly perform these shoulder flexibility exercises, refer to this comprehensive guide by Healthline.

Torso Mobility Exercises for Better Follow-Through

Your torso's flexibility is equally critical as it helps to generate a powerful, controlled, and sustained swing. It's your body rotation that makes the big distance gains, not just arm strength [^2^]. Therefore, a flexible torso is advantageous in performing a smooth, complete, and efficient golf swing motion.

Rotational torso exercises, yoga poses like a seated twist or gentle cobra, and exercises focusing on your obliques can greatly improve your torso flexibility. For an elaborate list of flexibility exercises that specifically target the torso, have a look at this link from Golf Digest.

[^1^]: Wiemann, K., & Klee, A. (2014). "Influence of Strength, Power, and Endurance on the Tennis Serve". Silva, E. F., & Stevens, T. G. (2002). "The Effect of Flexibility on the Golf Swing". Journal of Sports Sciences.

[^2^]: Fletcher, I. M., & Hartwell, M. (2004). "Effect of an 8-Week Combined Weights and Plyometrics Training Program on Golf Drive Performance". Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

Post-Game Cooling Down & Stretching

Every sport requires post-performance activities, and golf, though considered a low-impact game, is no exception. A proper cool-down routine is significant for senior golfers as it can minimize post-exercise stiffness, reduce the risk of injury, and increase flexibility.

Importance of Cool Down Activities

Cooling down after a round of golf is crucial. It assists in gradual heart rate and blood pressure recovery, aiding in the removal of excess metabolic waste from the muscles. A well-designed cool-down regime can also help to reduce muscle soreness and stiffness. This lessens the risk of injury and pacing problems in subsequent golf rounds.

Simple Stretching Exercises for Complete Muscle Relaxation

Post-game stretching is an integral part of cooling down activity. Following are some simple stretching exercises that seniors can incorporate in their post-game regime:

  1. Standing Quad Stretch: This exercise helps in releasing tension from the quads, which often work hard while golfing.

  2. Cross-Body Shoulder Stretch: Ideal for relaxing the shoulder muscles that were intense during swinging the golf club.

  3. Chest Stretch: Designed to extend the pectoral muscles and freeing the chest for better breathing.

Senior Golfers can follow this comprehensive guide on simple stretching exercises for complete muscle relaxation.

Stretching after a game not only helps in muscle relaxation but also aids in improving flexibility, which is essential for an optimal golf swing. It also assists in maintaining a good range of motion in the joints, thus minimizing the risk of injury.

A thorough cooling-down and stretching regime can significantly enhance the golfing experience for seniors, making it safe and enjoyable. Therefore, the post-game routine should be an indivisible part of every senior golfer's fitness regimen. Keeping the physical well-being as well as the psychological benefits of cooling down in mind, it's well worth spending that extra 10-15 minutes for post-game activities.


In essence, the intricate game of golf, especially for seniors, goes beyond the green fairways and idyllic environments; it demands a mindful attention to physical fitness and wellbeing. The importance of regular golf exercises for senior players cannot be stressed enough. Integrating warm-ups, strength building, flexibility enhancing exercises, and post-game cooling down sessions can make a marked impact on the longevity and enjoyment of your golfing experience. Remember, setting practical fitness goals and ensuring safety is paramount to prevent any potential golfing injuries. Lastly, along with maintaining your fitness regime, choosing the correct equipment is equally vital. Comfortable golf shoes and appropriate attire can add to the ease and productivity of your game. Keep swinging and maintain your passion for the game into your golden years, believing that age is just a number. Return for more content and insights on golf exercises tailored just for you, senior golfer. Keep playing, keep staying fit, and enjoy every swing.

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