Can you wear leggings to play golf? Womens dress code.

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H2 – Understanding the Traditional Golf Dress Code

  • Golf clubs have maintained a strict dress code for decades.
  • Golf attire for women traditionally includes collared shirts and knee-length skirts or shorts.
  • Some clubs prohibit the use of leggings on the golf course.

H2 – The Rise of Modern Golf Attire

  • Golf fashion has evolved, adapting to the preferences of modern players.
  • Professional golfers have influenced the acceptance of more casual and trendy attire in golf clubs.
  • Many clubs now allow modern golf attire, including leggings, on the course.

H2 – Leggings as Golf Attire: The Debate

  • Some argue that leggings are comfortable and practical for playing golf.
  • Critics believe leggings do not align with the traditional image and etiquette of golf.
  • Professional golfers' stance on leggings has swayed the debate in different directions.

H2 – The Legality of Wearing Leggings for Golf

  • Interpretations of the dress code rules vary, with some clubs allowing leggings and others prohibiting them.
  • Certain golf clubs have updated their policies to accommodate modern attire, including leggings.
  • In golf tournaments, dress code violations are addressed by officials and could lead to penalties.

H2 – Choosing the Right Golf Leggings

  • When shopping for golf leggings, consider factors such as material, fit, and moisture-wicking properties.
  • Look for leggings specifically designed for golf that offer flexibility and comfort.
  • Popular brands known for quality golf leggings include Nike, Lululemon, and Under Armour.

H2 – Tips for Styling Leggings for a Golf Game

  • Pair leggings with appropriate tops, such as collared shirts or golf-specific tops.
  • Enhance your golf leggings outfit with accessories like a visor, hat, or golf shoes.
  • Personalize your look while respecting golf tradition and maintaining a professional appearance.

Intrigued by the ongoing debate on wearing leggings for golf? Learn more about the traditional dress code, the evolution of golf attire, the legalities of wearing leggings on the course, how to choose the right pair, and tips for stylishly incorporating leggings into your golf fashion.


Leggings for golf? It's a question that has sparked some debate among golf enthusiasts and fashion-forward players alike. As a retired professional golfer with years of experience on the green, I've seen the sport evolve in countless ways, including the evolution of golf fashion. In this article, titled "Can you wear leggings to play golf? Women's dress code," I aim to provide clarity on this topic and offer insights that will help women feel confident and comfortable on the course. From an overview of traditional golf dress codes to the growing acceptance of more modern attire, I'll explore the factors that go into choosing the right golf outfit, specifically addressing the question of whether leggings can be a suitable choice for the golf course. So grab your clubs and join me as we delve into the fashionable world of golf attire.

Understanding the Traditional Golf Dress Code

The golf course is often perceived as not just a playground for golfers but also a place to showcase the timeless fashion presence of the sport. Dating back centuries, golf's tradition has been rooted in a rigid and somewhat regal dress code, setting it apart from other sports.

The importance of observing the golf dress code

Sticking to the golf dress code signifies respect for the sport and its history. It also instills a sense of equality where all players, irrespective of skill or status, adhere to the same clothing patterns. This Agreement to Dress Code encourages discipline and organization on the course, fostering a serene environment conducive for a disciplined game.

A breakdown of traditional golf attire for women

Traditional golf attire for women has always been a balance between comfort, functionality, and style. The general rule suggests that women golfers should wear collared shirts, khaki shorts or pants, or a skirt or skort (a combination of a skirt and shorts) that falls just above the knee. Some clubs also permit dress golf shirts and certain styles of dresses, provided they fall within the protocol. Take a look at the extensive guide from Golf Digest that explains more about women's golf attire.

Golf clubs and their dress code policies

Different golf clubs have varying dress code policies. Some are more lenient, allowing denim and collarless shirts, while others remain strict, requiring attire such as collared shirts and specified lengths of shorts or skirts. Most clubs prohibit personal clothing that features large logos and slogans. Before heading to any particular golf club, it's prudent to check their specific dress code policy on their website or make a call to avoid disappointments. PGA provides an extensive review of dress code policies of various golf clubs on their website.

The Rise of Modern Golf Attire

While traditional golf attire is still respected for its class and elegance, the emergence of modern golf clothing has added a new dimension to golf fashion. Innovation and the influence of professional golfers have contributed to the evolution of golf fashion, creating a more flexible dress code within the sport.

How golf fashion has evolved over the years

Golf attire has evolved significantly over the years, from heavy tweeds and trousers in the early 20th century to the streamlined, tech-savvy attire of today. Modern golf fashion focuses more on comfort, flexibility, and technology, featuring moisture-wicking fabrics, stretchable materials, and stylish cuts.

The impact of professional golfers on golf fashion

Professional golfers have significantly influenced golf fashion. Tiger Woods, with his red and black Sunday outfits, or Rickie Fowler, known for his bold and bright colors, have pushed boundaries and set trends, making the sport's style more accessible and appealing to younger audiences. These style icons have not only affected how golf attire is designed but also challenged the status quo procedures that were once considered immutable in the sport's dress code.

Acceptance of modern golf attire in golf clubs

The acceptance of modern golf attire varies from club to club. While many golf clubs have relaxed their dress code policies to accommodate the changing trends and styles, some still uphold stringent traditional dress codes. Therefore, while choosing your golf attire, it's always essential to understand the golf club's dress code to maintain respect for course etiquette.

Leggings as Golf Attire: The Debate

Leggings, typically a comfort-oriented outfit, have sparked a debate on their validity in golf attire. Let's delve into the perspectives for and against wearing leggings on the golf course.

The argument for wearing leggings to the golf course

Advocates for wearing leggings to golf argue that they are comfortable, stretchy, and suitable for all weather conditions. They believe leggings can provide the flexibility required for golf swings and are just as proper as traditional golf pants if styled appropriately.

The opposition: why some people argue against leggings in golf

Opposition to the inclusion of leggings in golf attire majorly stems from tradition and respect for golf’s historical dress code. Detractors feel that allowing leggings might dilute the formality and distinctiveness associated with golf attire.

The influence of professional golfers in the leggings debate

Despite debates, some professional golfers have started wearing leggings, primarily due to their comfort. Their actions suggest a potential shift towards accepting leggings as standard golf attire in the future.

The Legality of Wearing Leggings for Golf

Understanding the legality of wearing leggings for golf seems tricky as there is no universal code, and dress code interpretations depend on individual golf clubs and competitions.

Interpreting the rules: Can you legally wear leggings on the golf course?

The answer lies with the specific golf club or tournament rules. While some clubs accept leggings, others strictly stick to traditional dress codes. Hence, before wearing leggings to a golf game, it is important to check the dress code policy.

Case studies: Golf clubs that allow or disallow leggings

Several case studies have documented both the acceptance and denial of leggings at golf clubs. Some clubs, recognising the comfort and practicality of leggings, have integrated them into their dress code, while others deem them as non-traditional and improper.

How dress code violations are handled in golf tournaments

Violating dress codes in golf tournaments can lead to penalties, including disqualification. In 2017, the LPGA introduced stricter dress code rules that players must adhere to or face a hefty fine. This highlights the serious regard for dress codes in professional golf.

Choosing the Right Golf Leggings

Selecting suitable golf leggings depends on multiple factors such as comfort, fit, and adherence to dress code policies. Here are some tips to guide you:

Factors to consider when shopping for golf leggings

When buying golf leggings, consider elements like fabric quality, size, stretch, and weather-appropriateness. Leggings that are sweat-resistant and offer UV protection can be beneficial for outdoor golf games.

Suitable styles and designs of leggings for golf

The design of your golf leggings can impact both your comfort and style. Opt for seamless leggings, high-waisted styles for better support or leggings with pockets for practicality. Just ensure they adhere to your club's golf attire regulations.

The best brands for golf leggings

Reputable golf clothing brands, such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour, offer a wide range of golf leggings designed for comfort and style. These brands cater to diverse style preferences and ensure high-quality play-friendly fabrics.

Tips for Styling Leggings for a Golf Game

Wearing leggings to a golf game doesn't mean you have to give up on style. Here's how you can maintain a stylish and respectful look while wearing leggings on the golf course:

How to wear leggings in a way that respects golf tradition

Pair your leggings with golf-approved attire such as a collared shirt or golf tunic, and always ensure your leggings are golf-appropriate – meaning no see-through material or overly bright colors. This would uphold the respect for golf tradition while incorporating modern styles.

Accessorizing your golf leggings outfit

Accessories can make or break an outfit. For your golf leggings, consider a stylish golf cap or visor and a pair of quality golf shoes. Just remember to keep it simple and tasteful.

Final thoughts on finding your personal style in golf fashion

Developing your personal style takes time and a lot of trial and error. Don't be afraid to experiment and try different looks. At the end of the day, your comfort and confidence on the golf course are what truly matter.

The Rise of Modern Golf Attire

The traditional golf dress code has been around for many years, but in recent decades the movement towards modern golf attire has begun to take flight. As societal norms and fashion styles change, the golf clothing market has inevitably followed suit, evolving to accommodate these shifting perspectives.

How golf fashion has evolved over the years

In earlier golf times, it would be common to see players sporting pants, shirts, and a tie – a style that has its roots in golf's birthplace, Scotland. However, as the game navigated through time, the attire changed. Today, golf fashion embraces a more relaxed yet fashionable style. Colorful polos, fashionable shorts, and chic skirts have replaced the formal attire. Brands like Galvin Green have given modern golf wear a new dimension, with their trendy and performance-driven pieces.

The impact of professional golfers on golf fashion

One cannot discuss the evolution of golf attire without mentioning professional golfers. They have significantly influenced the shift from traditional to modern golf wear. Professional golfers like Rickie Fowler and Tiger Woods are known for their fashionable attire on the golf course. Whether it's Fowler's high-top golf shoes or Woods' signature red shirt, these golfers have shown that one can be both stylish and comfortable on the golf course.

Acceptance of modern golf attire in golf clubs

While some conservative golf clubs still enforce a strict dress code, most have welcomed the change in golf fashion. Modern golf attire is typically acceptable as long as it keeps within some guidelines; such as polo-style shirts with collars, tailored pants, or shorts, and appropriate golf footwear. Websites like Golf Digest provide a comprehensive guide on the golf dress code; it is always advisable to check the club's official policy before going for a game.

Note that players’ acceptance of modern golf attire is not just a fashion statement—it’s a reflection of changing times and evolving societal norms.

Choosing the Right Golf Leggings

The evolution of golf fashion has seen various trends come and go. One that has stuck around and sparked quite the debate is the use of leggings as golf attire. Once you've navigated the approval process, it's then vital to choose the right golf leggings to look the part and maintain the quintessential golf course aura.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Golf Leggings

Shopping for golf leggings isn't as easy as picking out your regular workout pairs. It requires careful consideration to ensure they adhere to the golf club’s dress code and are also functional and comfortable for your game. Check for a good fit that offers flexibility without compromising coverage. Material also proves critical: opt for breathable, quick-drying fabrics that can cope with weather changes. The leggings shouldn't be see-through and should maintain their color after recurrent washing. Another crucial aspect is the presence of deep enough pockets for storing essential items.

Suitable Styles and Designs of Leggings for Golf

When it comes to selecting the style and design of golf leggings, simple is often better. Solid colors, particularly neutral ones like black, blue, or gray, are generally acceptable. Embellishments such as rhinestones, flashy logos, or overtly bold prints can be a bit overbearing on the course. When considering the length, both full-length and capri leggings are acceptable, depending on the weather, but shorts-style leggings are generally a no-go.

The Best Brands for Golf Leggings

Several brands have made a name for themselves for producing reliable golf leggings. Among them is Nike, a reputable sports attire brand that usually imbues its products with dry-fit technology to keep the wearer dry and comfortable throughout the play. Another reliable brand to consider is Adidas, known for high-performance sports clothing that combines functionality with trendy designs. As with any clothing item, it is advisable to try different brands and find one that fits your body shape and personal preferences the best.

The Legality of Wearing Leggings for Golf

In the era of modern fashion, the debate concerning the appropriateness of wearing leggings for golf often boils down to legalities. Leggings, being a fashion-forward, comfortable choice of clothing, are being widely chosen by women golfers. So, it becomes essential to decipher whether they stand valid as per the golf dress code or not.

Interpreting the Rules: Can You Legally Wear Leggings on the Golf Course?

Can you legally strut on the golf course donning a stylish pair of leggings? Typically, golf clubs have specific dress codes, and it's essential to adhere to these guidelines. The answer to this question largely depends on the specific club's dress code regulations. Most clubs allow leggings under skirts or shorts but wearing them alone might not be permissible everywhere. The R&A's Rules of Golf do not specifically state anything about leggings, hence, it is advisable to inquire with your respective club before stepping on the course in leggings.

Case Studies: Golf Clubs that Allow or Disallow Leggings

The leggings debate varies from club to club. While some golf clubs are conservative and still insist on traditional golf attire, others have adapted to the evolving trends. For instance, St. Andrew’s in Scotland, called "the home of golf," sticks to a strict traditional dress code. Similarly, Augusta National Golf Club, host of the Masters Tournament, maintains a traditional dress code but does not specifically mention leggings. On the other hand, clubs like Moor Allerton Golf Club in Leeds, UK, are more lenient and offer a 'Smart Casual' dress code, that includes tailored leggings.

How Dress Code Violations are Handled in Golf Tournaments

Violation of the dress code in golf tournaments is usually taken seriously. Penalties are not typically related to strokes as in-game violations but revolve more around disqualifications or financial penalties. For instance, the LPGA has a clothing police that ensures players adhere strictly to their dress code.

Choosing the Right Golf Leggings

Your choice of leggings for golf should not just be based on the legality in different clubs, but also on comfort and functionality. Golf leggings must allow for ample movement, be breathable, and most importantly, conform to your style.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Golf Leggings

Key factors such as material, fit, breathability, and flexibility should be taken into account when buying leggings for golf. For instance, go for materials that include stretch fabric like spandex for flexibility, and opt for moisture-wicking materials for comfort and sweat resistance.

Suitable Styles and Designs of Leggings for Golf

There's a myriad of styles and designs to choose from when it comes to golf leggings. While full-length leggings are great for cooler climates, capri or cropped leggings work well in warmer climes. Colors range from traditional black to vibrant, trendy hues. Opt for leggings that have pockets for keeping golf balls or tees.

The Best Brands for Golf Leggings

Many brands cater to the sporty-chic fashion needs of golfers. Adidas and Nike are known for their sport-specific leggings with perfect fit and breathability, while Lululemon's Take a Hike Pant offers a multifunctional pocket system specifically designed for golfers.

Tips for Styling Leggings for a Golf Game

While ensuring your leggings are up to golf standards is crucial, styling them to look your best shouldn't be neglected. Here are some tips to ensure your golf leggings outfit is both fashionable and functional.

How to Wear Leggings in a Way that Respects Golf Tradition

Keep tradition in mind by pairing your leggings with a longer top, skirt, or shorts. Throw on a polo or another collared shirt as a top to stick to the traditional requirements, while still keeping it chic with your leggings.

Accessorizing Your Golf Leggings Outfit

Add style and enhance functionality by accessorizing. Opt for a well-fitted visor or a golf cap that’ll protect you from the sun, and use cute golf gloves or a slim, stylish fitness watch to lift your style game.

Final Thoughts on Finding Your Personal Style in Golf Fashion

In the end, your golf fashion should reflect your personal style and comfort. While maintaining the essence of the golf dress code, find a balance between tradition and modernity to express your style on the course. Always remember, confidence in your golf game begins with feeling good about what you're wearing!

Choosing the Right Golf Leggings

The golf course is not just a battleground for golfers, but it has also become a fashion field where players display their unique style, while respecting the traditions and rules of the game. Leggings have claimed a spot in the modern golf attire and can be a stylish, yet functional choice for the female golfers out there.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Golf Leggings

When shopping for golf leggings, comfort, fit, flexibility, and weather-appropriateness are vital factors to remember. Golf leggings should be comfortable enough for long hours of wear and flexible enough to allow unrestricted movement. You also need to consider the weather conditions where you'll be playing most of the time. Breathability is essential to keep you dry during summer games, while thermal leggings could protect you in colder environments.

Suitable Styles and Designs of Leggings for Golf

Picking the style and design of your golf leggings will largely depend on your personal preference. Solid dark colors like black, navy blue, or gray remain a popular choice due to their versatility and ability to hide dirt. Available designs range from simple to patterned styles, with elements like mesh inserts or color block designs. For functionality, golf leggings with pockets could be a great option for you to store essentials like tees, golf balls or a glove. Golfweek provides insight into what professional female golfers are wearing, which could provide further inspiration.

The Best Brands for Golf Leggings

Brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour are popular choices for golf leggings due to their strong reputation for quality sportswear. However, there are many other brands specializing in golf attire like Puma and Ralph Lauren who also offer stylish and functional golf leggings. It's essential to compare brands to get the best value for your money while ensuring your leggings meet your requirements for comfort, style and functionality.

Tips for Styling Leggings for a Golf Game

How to Wear Leggings in a Way That Respects Golf Tradition

When integrating leggings into your golf outfit, pairing them with a sporty golf tunic or a long polo shirt can provide a clean, tasteful look. These tops can adequately cover your waist and hips, a requirement in some golf clubs. Layering a sweater or jacket during colder weather can also maintain the semi-formal air that golf traditionally upholds.

Accessorizing Your Golf Leggings Outfit

Accessorizing your golf leggings outfit can be as simple as wearing a matching golf hat, a statement belt or a pair of classy golf shoes. These accessories not only enhance your style but also have functional roles in your game.

Final Thoughts on Finding Your Personal Style in Golf Fashion

Wearing leggings on the golf course is not merely about comfort and functionality, but it is also an avenue for expressing your personal style. Balance your choice of leggings with the sober etiquette of the game, and you'll ace both your round and your outfit.


Whether leggings can be worn on the golf course is indeed a subject of contention. Ultimately, the acceptance of leggings in golf is a reflection of the evolving sport's dress code, and is largely subject to individual club policies. We advise golf enthusiasts who prefer leggings to not only familiarize themselves with these codes, but also seek out styles and brands that harmoniously merge comfort, performance, and respect for the golfing tradition. This debate over leggings in golf demonstrates the dynamic, ever anthropogenic nature of the sport, a topic to be further explored in forthcoming articles. Stay with us for more fashion-forward, comprehensive, and up-to-the-minute golf wear advice. As golf fashion transforms, you can trust us to keep you ahead of the game, stylishly and respectfully clad from tee to green.

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