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Practice How you Play: How to Practice on the Golf Course

How to practice on the golf course

Better golf practice doesn’t just happen on the driving range though… The course is a great place to practice too! The driving range isn’t the same as the real golf course.

How often do you get perfect lies with no pressure and wide open fairways that are 100 yards wide? Golf is a challenging game. We practice on the range and play on the course, which are two completely different arenas.

It is important to mention that you should be able to practice on the course. Without interrupting the pace of play, it’s a great idea. This is a great time to play golf alone. It will allow you to hit shots that you simply can’t hit in practice.

Here are the best ways that you can play golf on the course.

Scary Shots

Are you afraid of a shot on the golf course? If so, practice it to make the shot less intimidating during a normal round.

This might be a difficult par 3, over water, or a flop shot from tight lies over a bunker. It’s easier to overcome your fears during a normal round if you do it more often.

Fairway Bunkers

The fairway bunker practice area does a terrible job of allowing you practice at the golf course. I’m willing to bet that less than 1% of all facilities have one at the driving range. A fairway bunker is a more difficult shot than normal. It’s also harder to hit from, and you don’t practice it.

To get the work done, you can drop some balls in the fairway bunker. Even if your drive is in the middle of fairway, you can still drop a ball into the fairway bunker to play different shots and clubs.

Long Bunker Shot

A longer bunker shot is another shot that is almost impossible to practice at most facilities.

During a practice session, make sure to test 20-50 yard bunkers shots several times during the round. These shots are challenging even for skilled players so a little extra practice won’t hurt!

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Punch Shots

How often do punch shots are practiced on the driving course?

If you’re like most golfers, it’s not enough. But considering the fact that you’ll miss more than 40% of fairways during the round (the PGA Tour average is about 60%) chances are you need this shot in your arsenal.

Practice your punch shots under trees and other recovery shots during an on-course practice session. So you can navigate tricky situations and not waste shots, it is important to know which club works best.

Other shots to practice on the golf course

Want more tips on how to practice on the course? Check it out…

  • Long putts (40-60+ ft)
  • Putting from the green
  • Distance control from the rough
  • Feet in the bunker, but ball on your lip
  • Downhill/uphill lies (which you can’t practice on a driving range)

Or any other shot that makes it uncomfortable. To overcome your fears and play better golf, you can practice on the course.