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Golf is all about speed.

If you don’t know your clubhead speed, you’ll never get the right shaft flex or proper weight in your shafts. You can also use your speed to set a benchmark for your journey and to help you improve.

Don’t forget, more speed equals more distance.

Speed and distance are more important than ever in a world with increasingly longer golf courses. Studies have found that the longer you hit it off the tee, the easier it is to score as you’ll have a shorter approach shot. Unfortunately, most golfers dont know how to speed up.

Until now… a new tool that is much cheaper than a launch monitor can help you measure your swing speed and maximize your golf game. Let’s review the Swing Speed Radar to see if it’s a good investment to start shooting lower scores.

Review of Sport Sensors Swing Speed Radar

Most golfers “swing their swing” but don’t know if that means 90 mph, 100 mph, or maybe 105 mph with their driver. It might be hard to believe, but it is important.

Because every one mph more a driver does, it equates to three extra yards off the tee. If you can add 5 mph to your driver clubhead speed that’s 15 extra yards off the tee.

Consider how much your game could benefit from an extra 15 yards (or more). The Swing Speed radarThis device can measure your speed over time and help you get there. You need one of these devices if you are actively trying increase your swing speed.


Before getting into all the benefits of this device, let’s discuss the design and how it works. The Swing Speed radar measures your swing speed for baseball and golf. It is small and portable. Not to mention, it works whether you’re hitting a golf ball, wiffle ball, or even taking a practice swing.


It’s a portable velocity calculator that easily calculates your speed and shows the total MPH on the screen. No app is required, unlike many launch monitors.

The device should be placed 8-10 inches away of a driver, fairway wood or other object that is directly on the balls side. To measure clubhead speed with an iron or wedge, place the drive at 14 inches distance from the driver and at a 45 degree angle to yourself and the ball. If youre using it to measure baseball bat speed, hang it on a backstop or screw it into a tripod.

Here’s why we love it…


Simple to use

One of the reasons it’s such a highly reviewed product is that you don’t need much to get started. Start swinging by taking the device out of its box and installing 3 AA batteries.

Unlike a lot of other training aids, you don’t have to use apps on your phone or worry about software on your computer. Its easier to use the software, the more likely it will be used.

It can be used anywhere, anytime.

Whether you have a golf simulator setup in your basement, want to use it at the driving range, in your backyard with a net, or on the golf course – it works. Its also great for practicing swings.



Another one of the biggest benefits to this device is that it’s much cheaper than a launch monitor. While we love launch monitors and think they’re a great investment, they’re not always the most affordable. Launch monitors of high quality can run into the thousands.

Obviously, this isn’t a viable option for most everyday golfers. While this device doesn’t provide anything other than swing speed, it’s still a great unit.

All Types of Golfers Can Use It

This device is also loved by golfers because it works for all levels of players. Whether you’re a beginner golfer with 80mph speed or a +2 handicap swinging at 115mph, it’ll help you measure your speed accurately.

Speed Training

Speed training is becoming more popular thanks to Bryson de Chambeau and other golfers. Instead of just “swinging hard” it’s about training your muscles to increase speed naturally over time. SuperSpeed Golf can increase your distance by 5-10+ yards in just 8-12 weeks.

But to make speed training even more effective, it’s best to measure your progress over time. The Sports Sensor is a great addition to SuperSpeed Golf. It is also recommended by The Stack System. This system is more advanced than SuperSpeed Golf, but you will need a launch monitor or radar to pair it with their app.

Alternative Options

Although the Swing Speed Radar may be the most cost-effective and best option, there are other options.

Swing Speed Radar, Red Version

The only difference between the red and blue versions is the speed they can measure. This one always evaluates tempo. The red version has the same dimensions, but costs $10 more and can measure speeds of up to 250 mph. It even has a timer!

Click here to buy the red version.

PRGR Pocket Launch Monitor

The PRGR launch monitor is another small device golfers love. It measures more than just your swing speed. It also measures carry distance, ball speed and smash factor.

Like the Swing Speed Radar, it works with practice swings too – making it a great option for measuring data with speed training. Plus, it’s easy to use and doesn’t require an app or Wi-Fi connection to capture data either. You can also pair with a set of men’s, seniors, or ladies’ SuperSpeed sticks too.

Click here to see our complete review.

FAQs about Swing Speed

Do you have more questions about the radar to learn if it’s right for your game? Continue scrolling to find the answers to some of the most common questions.

Is swing speed radar accurate

Yes, it is accurate.

I’ve compared it with my personal launch monitor which costs a lot more and it was within 1-2 mph (or even better). While it only provides swing speed data, it’s well worth the investment and something you can use for a long time.

How does swing speed radar work

Using Doppler technology it’s able to easily and quickly calculate the swing speed for golfers and baseball players. As long as it’s in the right position (it changes for irons/wedges vs. driver/fairway woods), it’ll provide swing speed for each swing.

It can also be used with a Birdieball or wiffle ball. You can read our complete review of the Birdieball practice instrument here.

How far should I aim the ball with a 100 mph swing speed?

According to Golf Digest, a driver with a 100 mph swing speed should be hit at 270 yards. But that’s not the full story…

Although speed is the most important factor, there are many other factors to consider: Type of driver, length of golf club and shaft weight. Weather, launch angle, loft, course conditions.

As Golf Digest said, “If your swing speed is 100 mph, your distance potential could be as high as 270 yards. However, most golfers are not able to reach their full potential. Two-thirds of the players in our survey weren’t within 15 yards of their potential driving distance, and half of those were 30 or more yards short of optimum.”

What should the swing speed look like on a radar?

Golf swings vary depending on skill level, gender, type, and how they are played. According to Golf.comSlow swings for men are 72 mph and fast swings can go over 105 mph. This is more common with scratch golfers, while Tour Pros may swing up to 115 mph.

Ladies are more comfortable swinging at 72 mph than men. This is why it’s so important to play the right type of shaft flex to match your swing speed.


Does the Swing Speed Radar work indoors or outdoors?

Yes, whether you’re inside on a simulator or outside on the driving range, this device works great! Unlike launch monitors, you don’t need much room to make it work either.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to see why SuperSpeed Golf and The Stack Speed system both recommend this easy to use device. If you’re trying to increase swing speed and gain distance, you need to track your results. If you don’t want to buy a launch monitor (or your launch monitor doesn’t work with speed training sticks), this is a low-cost option.

It’s a fraction of the price of a launch monitor, small, easy to use, and works for all types of golfers. It’s also a huge benefit that it works indoors or outdoors and can measure speed with or without hitting golf balls.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned golfer, it can measure swing speeds up to 200mph! It can even measure your kids softball and baseball swing speeds.

Click here to buy the Swing Speed Radar.

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