What is a Weak Golf Grip and is it Better than Other Grips?

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– The weak golf grip is a grip technique that can be used to improve your golf game.
– It involves positioning the hands in a way that promotes a more open clubface and potentially a fade or slice shot.
– Weak grip is different from strong and neutral grips, each offering their own advantages and disadvantages.
– Some pros of using a weak grip include extra control and distance, while it may result in reduced clubface control and difficulty with certain swing styles.
– To perfect your weak grip technique, practice essential tips and avoid common mistakes.
– Some successful professional golfers who use a weak grip include Zach Johnson and Steve Stricker.
– When using a weak grip, its important to choose the right golf clubs and use golf gloves for better grip stability.


Weak Golf Grip – an area that divides the golfing fraternity, as some swear by its effectiveness while others denounce it as a flawed technique. As a retired professional golfer with decades of experience under my belt, I’ve personally grappled with this grip and pondered its mysteries many a night. In this blog post, youre going to journey with me through the nuances of a weak golf grip, comparing it with other grips, dissecting its advantages and disadvantages, and determining if it could indeed be the secret sauce that transforms your game. So, whether youre just teeing off in golf or youre a seasoned player looking to refine your swing, this comprehensive guide was crafted with you in mind.

## Understanding the Concept of a Weak Golf Grip

In the realm of golf, mastering the perfect grip is often touted as one of the most important aspects of the game. The grip has a significant influence on your swing and the trajectory of the ball, affecting the overall quality of your play. One such grip that frequently comes into discussion is the weak golf grip.

### Definition of a Golf Grip

A golf grip is primarily the way a golfer holds the golf club. It is the only point of direct contact between the player and the club, hence playing a crucial role in governing the direction, speed, and accuracy of the golf ball. The weak golf grip is particularly the method of holding the golf club where both hands are turned towards the target, leading to the knuckles on the left hand (for a right-handed golfer) being less visible.

### Characteristics of a Weak Grip

A weak golf grip is characterized by the positioning of the left hand for right-handed golfers and vice versa. When gripped, less than two knuckles of the lead hand are visible. Additionally, the V formed by the thumb and the index finger points towards the golfers trailing shoulder, not beyond it. This grip tends to open the clubface, often causing a slice or a fade shot.

### How to Achieve a Weak Golf Grip

Achieving a weak golf grip requires precision. As you hold the club in your lead hand, align the grip so that it runs diagonally across the fingers, from the base of your little finger up to the middle joint of your index finger. When you close your hand, only one or two knuckles should be visible. By laying your trail hand over the thumb of your lead hand, you successfully form a weaker grip [Golfweek tips on weak golf grip]( offers additional guidance.

Having a comprehensive understanding of a weak golf grip can serve as a potent arsenal for golfers. Knowing when to use this grip style and using it effectively requires a historical understanding of golfing technique, as well as continuous effort to adhere to its characteristics.

## Comparing Weak Golf Grip with Other Grips

The world of golf features a diverse selection of grip types, each boasting their own unique set of advantages, disadvantages and optimal situations. To gain a thorough understanding of the weak golf grip, it is crucial to compare it with the other predominant grip styles; the strong grip and the neutral grip. Furthermore, evaluating the key factors that influence the choice of grip will equip the player with the requisite knowledge to select the perfect grip for their playing style.

### Weak Grip Vs. Strong Grip

Art of selecting the right grip for your golf game often boils down to a comparison between a weak grip and a strong grip. A strong grip is characterized by the positioning of both hands more to the right on the club (for right-handed players), often resulting in a more closed clubface on impact, leading to a tendency for hooks.

On the contrary, a weak grip situates both hands more to the left (for right-handed players) which often creates an open clubface on impact and leads to a likelihood of slices. While the weak grip provides better control, the strong grip tends to generate more power. Knowing these distinctions will help golfers optimize their swing based on their desired outcome.

### Weak Grip Vs. Neutral Grip

The neutral grip, [likened to a handshake]( with the club, is often heralded as the ideal grip style due to its balanced nature. When compared to a weak grip, the club rests more evenly in the golfers hand with the neutral grip.

Whereas, the weak grip tends to skew the balance more towards the fingers, resulting in an open clubface on impact. This makes the neutral grip a safe middle-ground for beginners. However, experienced golfers who wish to fine-tune their shot shape and trajectory might find a weak grip more to their liking.

### Factors Affecting Grip Choices

There are numerous factors that contribute to a golfers choice of grip. These include: physical hand size, flexibility, personal comfort, and the golfer’s inherent swing characteristics. Furthermore, personal shot preferences and the course conditions also feature heavily in choosing the best grip. [The PGA guide]( can provide more in-depth insight for golfers at the crossroads of deciding on their grip style.

Just remember, while choosing a grip, what matters most is how the chosen grip translates to performance on the course. Experimenting with different grips under different circumstances can help finesse your game to achieve the perfect golfing swing.

## Pros and Cons of a Weak Golf Grip

Choosing the right golf grip style is crucial for every golfers success. A variety of grip options are available, each having its own distinct pros and cons. The weak grip, in particular, possesses notable benefits and drawbacks that golfers need to consider carefully before deciding whether or not to adopt it.

### Benefits of Using a Weak Grip

A weak grip offers several key advantages that make it appealing to many golfers. Firstly, it allows for greater control over the golf club, resulting in a more precise swing direction. It is especially beneficial for golfers struggling with hooks – shots that travel from right to left for right-handed golfers, and left to right for left-handed players. By weakening their grip, they can reduce the risk of hooking the ball and achieve a much straighter shot. More advanced golfers also utilize the weak grip to shape their ball flight in a certain direction.

Another significant benefit is that a weak grip [helps increase]( the loft of your shots, making it particularly advantageous for players looking to achieve higher ball flight.

### Pitfalls of a Weak Grip

Contrary to its benefits, a weak grip can also pose several challenges to golfers. One such drawback is the loss of distance. By positioning your hands in a weaker set-up, you might not hit the ball as far due to reduced release of the clubhead through impact.

Another pitfall is that this grip tends to promote a fade or slice, particularly for beginners or high-handicap golfers that struggle with this shot shape. A slice – a ball flight that significantly curves from left to right for a right-handed golfer and vice versa for a left-handed golfer – is often a problematic outcome that most players aim to avoid. You should [be aware]( of your swing tendencies before adjusting your grip and understand how a weak grip could exacerbate your slice issues.

Choosing a grip preference involves weighing up these pros and cons. The crucial factor is to find a grip that best fits your game style, allowing you to achieve accuracy and consistency in your shots.

## The Effect of Weak Golf Grip on Your Swing

Individuals who use a weak golf grip must understand the integral role it could play in their golf swing. It can significantly define the clubfaces orientation at impact and the trajectory of the golf ball, both of which are critical in making successful shots.

### Impact of Grip on Club Face

A weak golf grip position often leads to an open clubface at impact. As the hands rotate counterclockwise of the clubs centerline, the chances of the clubface opening increases, leading to a fade or slice ball trajectory, especially for right-handed players. It is essential to understand this when youre trying to shape your shots. You might want to visit [Golf Sidekick]( for more information about how different grips can affect the club face orientation and subsequent ball flight.

### Impact of Grip on Swing Path

The grips strength not only influences the clubface orientation but also sways the swing path. A weak grip may encourage a steeper or more outside-in path – a common reason for unintended fade or slice shots. A stronger grip, on the other hand, promotes a more in-to-out or flat swing path, which typically results in draw shots. Discover more in-depth insights on [Perfect Golf Swing]( on how grip influences swing path.

### Suitability of Weak Grip for Different Swing Styles

Weak golf grip might not suit everyones swing style. It primarily benefits players with naturally overactive hand or wrist motions as it helps mitigate the tendency to close the clubface aggressively at impact. Also, it can be an excellent choice for golfers who consistently struggle with a hook (right-to-left curve for a right-handed golfer). By weakening the grip slightly, the clubface is less likely to shut down at impact, reducing the occurrence of the unwanted hook shots.

## Perfecting Your Weak Grip Technique
Perfecting your weak grip technique can have numerous benefits to your golf game. Understanding how to correctly form a weak grip, how to avoid common mistakes, and using practice drills can help improve your overall performance on the golf course. Whether youre a beginner or a professional golfer, continuously refining your grip technique is essential for your game.

### Essential Tips for Executing a Weak Grip
Performing a weak grip correctly comes down to adequate practice and understanding the proper hand placement on the golf club. This often involves placing the club more in the palm of your hands rather than the fingers and ensuring your thumb and forefinger create a V shape pointing towards your trailing shoulder [for right-handers, this is your right shoulder]( Ensure you can see only one or two knuckles on your left hand (for right-handed golfers), this indicates a weak grip.

### Common Mistakes to Avoid
While adopting a weak grip, golfers often make a few common mistakes. These can include gripping too tightly, leading to loss of club speed and flexibility. Additionally, golfers often misplace their hands, leading to inconsistent shots and reduced control over the ball. Ensuring the V shape between your thumb and forefinger is pointing to your right shoulder (for right-handed golfers) will help to mitigate these issues.

### Practice Drills for Improved Weak Grip
Crafting the perfect weak grip requires consistent practice. Drills such as the step drill or the towel drill can significantly improve your grip technique. For instance, the towel drill involves placing a small towel under both armpits and swinging without letting the towel drop. This drill encourages a better connection between the arms and body, promoting a more effective weak grip. Similarly, you can use training aids such as [The Grip Trainer]( to practice and perfect your weak golf grip.


Understanding the nuances of a weak golf grip can effectively transform your golf game. As explored, a weak grip lends itself to certain characteristics and influences the clubface and swing paths in unique ways, comparing differently to strong and neutral grips. It carries a mix of benefits and disadvantages, making it suitable for certain swing styles. Perfecting your technique, while avoiding common mistakes, is achievable through consistent practice and guidance. Many professional golfers have achieved success with a weak grip, further underlining its potential effectiveness. Sure, the equipment you choose plays a determinant role in optimizing this grip style. A deeper comprehension of these intricacies could pave the way to improved performance, making weak a strong choice. Be sure to revisit this guide as you embark on your journey to mastering the weak golf grip, and stay tuned for more insights and practical tips on our blog.

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