The Hanger Golf Aid Review: Feel Proper Wrist Movement

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  • The Hanger Golf Aid is a training device designed to improve wrist movement and swing plane in golf.
  • It features a user-friendly design that is easy to adjust and compatible with all clubs.
  • Benefits include proper wrist positioning, improved swing plane, and elimination of common swing faults.
  • Hands-on experience reveals positive results in unboxing, setup, and overall swing performance.
  • Comparing it to other golf aids, the Hanger stands out for its unique advantages.
  • The cost versus benefits analysis suggests it is worth the investment for serious golfers looking to improve their game.


Welcome to our latest post, 'Hanger Golf Aid Review'. As a retired pro golfer, I've had the privilege of using varied golf aids over the years, and the Hanger certainly stands out. Now, I want to share my experience to level up your game. After all, mastering the wrist movement is often the key hinge to becoming a better golfer. Whether you're a novice seeking to learn the right technique or a seasoned player wanting to cement your skills, our detailed review of the Hanger Golf Aid will provide valuable insights. So sit back, relax, and let's dive into the mechanics of golf swings, the role of golf aids, and why the Hanger Golf Aid might just be the missing piece to perfect your game. Stick around and explore the world of golf with us, one blog post at a time.

Understanding the Hanger Golf Aid: An Overview

The Hanger Golf Aid is a revolutionary golf training device aimed at assisting golfers of all skill levels in mastering their swing. Its design is focused on correcting and improving swing plane, club face control, and both club and body movements.

What is the Hanger Golf Aid?

The Hanger Golf Aid is a training tool that attaches to your golf club and is designed to assist in swing adjustments that can lead to more accurate and consistent shots. It encourages correct wrist positioning throughout the swing, which is a common issue among amateur golfers. Its unique design aids in achieving the ideal swing plane, which contributes to overall better performance on the golf course, making it a favorite among both novice and proficient players.

How does it work?

The Hanger Golf Aid works by creating the proper wrist hinge at the top of your backswing and maintaining it through impact. It encourages a flat left wrist position at impact, which is crucial for controlling the clubface and maintaining consistent ball striking. As you swing the club, the device gives immediate feedback on your wrist position, helping you make appropriate corrections to avoid common swing faults. Its practicality lies in its simplicity – you attach it to your club and start swinging. By using the Hanger Golf Aid consistently in your practice, you'll steadily build muscle memory, leading to an improved, more consistent swing. For more on how to use the Hanger Golf Aid, visit this tutorial for a detailed guide.

Key Features of the Hanger Golf Aid

The Hanger Golf Aid has several significant features that contribute to its effectiveness as a training tool. These features not only make it a practical option for improving your game but also offer convenience and versatility.

Design and Construction

The Hanger Golf Aid boasts of an intelligent design and construction built to improve your golf game. Made from durable materials, it is designed to last, offering you countless rounds of golf improvement. Its distinct design includes a rod and a "hanger" that teaches you the correct wrist position during a swing. This strategic design has won praises for being both functional and user-friendly, contributing to better, faster, and more efficient learning.

Easy to use and Adjust

The ease of use of the Hanger Golf Aid is another one of its attractive features. It is effortless to attach and adjust to your golf club. The adjustable controls allow for a customized fit for every player, regardless of their playing style or skill level. Its simplicity does not compromise effectiveness. In fact, its uncomplicated nature enhances its efficiency as a training tool. For more information on how to use and adjust the Hanger Golf Aid, visit this tutorial.

Portability and Compatibility with All Clubs

Another enticing feature is its portability and universal compatibility. The Hanger Golf Aid is compact in size making it easy to carry, and it can be used with all clubs in your bag. It serves a variety of golfing practice needs from drivers to irons and everything between. Whether you are at the driving range or practicing in your backyard, its lightweight and comfortable design allows for hassle-free transportation. Learn more about its compatibility with different golf clubs on the official webpage.

The combination of smart design, ease of use, adjustability and versatility makes the Hanger Golf Aid an excellent addition to any golfer's kit.

Benefits of Using the Hanger Golf Aid

The Hanger Golf Aid has been broadly recognized for its success in the golf community. Its efficacy hinges on its ability to pinpoint and mitigate the common errors found in many golfers' swings. It provides golfers with an opportunity to refine their technique independently, between coaching sessions or during their practice time.

Helps Establish Correct Wrist Positioning

One of the primary benefits of using this golf aid is that it promotes the correct wrist position during the golf swing. In golf, wrist positioning plays a critical role in controlling the clubface angle at impact, which ultimately affects the ball direction and distance. By securing the golf club and maintaining an optimal wrist angle, the Hanger provides direct and immediate feedback. This makes it easier to learn, establish, and reinforce the correct wrist hinge and positioning throughout the swing.

Improves Swing Plane

The Hanger Golf Aid can also help improve the swing plane, the invisible, flat surface over which the club moves during the swing. By aligning your swings with the optimal plane, you can hit the ball with more power and precision. This PGA Pro review emphasizes how the Hanger Golf Aid can assist in keeping the golfer's club on the correct swing plane through the strike zone, leading to a more consistent and effective swing mechanism.

Eliminates Common Swing Faults

Another significant advantage of the Hanger Golf Aid is its ability to target and eliminate common swing faults, like the dreaded ‘chicken wing’, ‘early release’, or ‘casting’. These faults usually result from lack of wrist control, poor swing plane, or incorrect body movement, leading to inconsistent shots. Golfers can use the Hanger Golf Aid to consciously rectify these issues, as highlighted in this golf digest article. Ultimately, with constant use, golfers can gradually correct, improve, and eventually eliminate these common issues from their swings.

Hands-On Experience with the Hanger Golf Aid

Taking a more hands-on approach enables us to grasp the full potential and effectiveness of the Hanger Golf Aid. This section will provide a comprehensive review of our personal experience with it, from unboxing to using it across various golf sessions. It aims to give readers a real-world perspective of what it's like to use this intriguing golf training aid.

Unboxing and Setup

Upon unboxing the Hanger Golf Aid, our first impression was the sturdy, durable quality of its construction. It was securely packed with clear, concise setup instructions included. The device is easy to assemble and can be adjusted to suit any golf club in your bag. Overall, setting up took just a few minutes, a process that even beginners would find straightforward.

Feel and Performance During Swings

During swings, the feel and performance of the aid were noteworthy. It attaches snugly onto the golf club and doesn’t feel too intrusive during the swing, maintaining a comfortable balance. The Hanger provides immediate feedback for wrist position and swing plane, making it easier to understand and fix your swing faults. Once attached, it just feels like an extension of the golf club, seamlessly helping improve the dynamics of your swing.

Notable Improvements Observed

The most notable improvement we observed is that the Hanger quickly rectifies swing faults related to improper wrist positioning. With its intuitive design, it significantly aids in maintaining a correct swing plane. Persistent use of the device has shown an improvement in swing consistency and a noticeable increase in the distance and accuracy of shots hit. It’s important to note that while the results were impressive, they are subjective and can vary depending on the golfer’s initial skill level and commitment to practice.

Comparing the Hanger Golf Aid with Other Training Aids

In the vast market of golf training aids, it can be difficult to discern the efficiencies of one tool from another. This section seeks to provide the necessary clarity by drawing comparisons between the Hanger Golf Aid and other generic golf aids, highlighting the unique advantages that set the Hanger apart.

Hanger Golf Aid vs. generic golf aids

The Hanger Golf Aid stands apart from generic golf aids in its functionality and design. While many aids focus on improving one aspect of the swing, the Hanger targets multiple areas simultaneously. Its innovate, adjustable design permits golf lovers of all levels to use it with ease and accuracy. Unlike generic golf aids, which often call for substantial configuration and continuous modification, the Hanger excels in its simplicity and practicality.

Unique advantages of the Hanger

An examination of the Hanger Golf Aid's special features reveals a host of advantages. Its design tunes into the essentials of a well-executed golf swing, namely right wrist positioning and precise swing plane. Moreover, the Hanger is fashioned to be compatible with every type of golf club, cementing its place as one of the most flexible and targeted aids in the market. It's portability maximizes its advantage, further setting it apart from other aids. Taking into account these qualities, it appears evident that the Hanger Golf Aid offers unique advantages and a solid return on investment for those serious about improving their golf game.


The Hanger Golf Aid has emerged as an effective training tool, designed impeccably to help golf enthusiasts improve their wrist positioning, swing plane, and ultimately, overall game performance. Its distinctive construction enables easy adjustment and excellent portability, while its compatibility with various clubs adds an extra layer of convenience. Our hands-on experience has validated its claim of creating a substantial improvement in the swing technique, allowing golfers to feel and correct their flaws. While it might be a bit pricier than generic aids, the Hanger Golf Aid's unique benefits make it an investment worth considering for anyone seeking to elevate their game. However, potential drawbacks should also be considered. This comprehensive review of the Hanger Golf Aid hopes to guide you in making an informed decision. Remember to frequently check back for more insightful reviews and articles related to golf equipment and training aids.

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