Billy Horschel, Jon Rahm critical of LIV golfers participating at this weeks BMW PGA Championship

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VIRGINIA WATER. England Billy HorschelThey were called hypocrites. Jon RahmThey were accused of using double standards.

On Tuesday, strong criticism was levelled at golfers from the Saudi-backed breakaway group for choosing to play on the European tour the BMW PGA Championship.

The main target of criticism was LIV Golf players, who are in Wentworths field because they are among the top 60 and seem to be chasing ranking points not offered on the breakaway tours.

Horschel was even happy for them to be named-checked.

Abraham Ancer, Talor Gooch… You have never played in this tournament and you have never supported the cause. [European tour]. Why are you here? Horschel said. Youre here for one reason and thats to try and get world ranking points.

Horschel said, Its quite hypocritical to come over and play outside LIV, when your main goal was to spend more time with your family and to play less golf.

Wentworths defending champion Horschel was less adamant toward Horschel. Lee Westwood Ian PoulterLIV Golf has welcomed these stalwarts of European golf to its ranks, and they have now joined LIV Golf at the end.

The American still said, I don’t think these guys really should be there.

Rahm stated that he was particularly upset about the presence LIV Golf players, as it meant lower-ranked European tour members like his Spanish friend. Alfredo Garcia-Heredia, missed out.

Rahm stated, without naming names: Some players that have never shown any enthusiasm in the European Tour, have never shown an interest in playing in this event, being given the chance just because they can get World Ranking points and hopefully make majors next season.

A perfect example — a friend of mine is currently the first to be added to the entry list. Although it doesnt hurt me, it is annoying that someone who has played more than 20 games is on the entry list. [European tour]Events this year cant be allowed to play a major event because some people who earned it are being given an occasion when they care about the event more than others.

Horschel stated that players were naive in believing they wouldnt be suspended by PGA Tour for joining LIV, and that some didnt properly weigh the benefits and drawbacks of the move.

Horschel stated that maybe those guys aren’t smart enough to think for themselves and maybe their agents gave bad information to them,

I know that certain agents provided bad information to certain players, and some of those people are ticked. [off]They listened to their agents. These agents led these men down a dangerous path.

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