Monahan, Pelley recuse selves from OWGR talks on LIV

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After Jay Monahan, PGA Tour commissioner and Keith Pelley CEO of DP World Tour, resigned from the Official World Golf Rankings board that is looking into the matter, representatives of the four major championships will decide whether LIV Golf League members will receive world-ranking point.

Pelley informed The Telegraph of London that he and Monahan were not present at the December board meeting where LIV Golfs application to OWGR recognition was discussed. They also said that they will not be participating in future decision-making.

ESPN was informed Monday by a PGA Tour official that Monahan had withdrawn from the matter.

Pelley told The Telegraph that representatives of Augusta National Golf Club, PGA of America, R&A and USGA will ultimately decide whether golfers receive world-ranking points for competing in LIV Golf events.

Pelley said that she had not examined the LIV application. She also stated that she has not given her opinions on an application she hasnt seen. So, LIV is not our involvement and we have no influence on what happens.

LIV Golf CEO Greg NormanPreviously, I suggested that Monahan or Pelley should not consider the application due to ongoing litigation with LIV Golf.

LIV Golf and three of its members are plaintiffs in a federal antitrust suit against the PGA Tour. In the lawsuit, LIV Golf claimed that the tour used monopoly power in order to suppress competition and discourage vendors and media companies. It also accused the governing bodies for majors, DP World Tour and other players of conspiring to stop LIV Golf players earning world-ranking points.

LIV Golf was sued back by the PGA Tour. It claimed that LIV Golf had violated its contracts with players.

LIV Golf applied in July for OWGR recognition. LIV Golf players didnt receive points for participating in the new circuits tournaments, which caused many of them to fall in the world rankings.

Two-time major champion Dustin JohnsonLIV Golfs first individual champion was also its captain. 3 in the world at the beginning of 2022, but has fallen to 44th. Bryson deChambeauThe 2020 U.S. Open champion, Alicia Sullivan, has dropped from fifth place to 88th during the same period.

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