Tiger Woods had two more wreck-related surgeries in 22

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Tiger WoodsTuesday was Tuesday when he announced that he had had two more surgeries and that the plantar faciitis in his right leg that caused him to have this injury would be resolved. Keep him from playing this WeekIt is related to his ongoing rehabilitation from serious injuries sustained in a car crash outside Los Angeles in Feb 2021.

Woods, 46 years old, declined to give details about the two surgeries and the specific dates while speaking to reporters at Hero World Challenge in Bahamas.

Woods said that it was 50-50 whether his right leg would need amputated. After the wreck, he spent three weeks in hospital and three months in bed.

Woods stated that he started to experience plantar fasciitis, which causes heel pain, while preparing for the Hero World Challenge, a tournament that benefits TGR Foundation.

Woods said, It was a difficult decision just because it is what I want to do. Woods said that he enjoys playing and competing. However, he couldnt walk because he cant hit the golf ball or hit any shot he wants. So, Ive had a few setbacks over the year that I was still able to play through but this one I cant. This one is only a matter of time. I need to get some treatment and keep my feet off the ground.

Woods indicated that he would require a few weeks to recover from plantar faciitis but that he still wants to play in two events next year because he will have a cart. Woods will team up with the world No. 1 golfer Rory McIlroyA 12-hole match against Jordan SpiethAnd Justin ThomasThe Match is the latest edition, which will be held at Pelican golf club outside Tampa, Florida, on December 10.

Woods can also be used He was scheduled to play with his sonCharlie, in Orlando, Floridas PNC Championship, Dec. 17-18.

Woods stated, When you have plantar faciitis, the best thing you can to do is rest and try to stretch that out as much as possible, but it’s rest. How can you rest while hosting a tournament? Its not easy, so it will be a difficult week. The [PNC Championship]It will be a very easy week. Charlie will hit all the shots while Ill get the putts out. Other than that, we fly in carts in The Match.

Woods said that his future plans include competing in the four major championships as well as possibly one or more other tournaments. Woods stated that his right leg and foot are improving despite the recent setback.

Woods said, Thats it. Physically thats all I have to do. I told you guys that [at]The beginning of the year was also a great time. I don’t have much left in the leg, so prepare for the biggest ones. And hopefully, lightning catches in an bottle and I’m in contention with a shot at winning. Im hoping to remember how to do it. But, Im giving myself the chance to get out again.

Woods, a 15 time major champion, also weighed-in on the Continuing dispute between the PGA Tour, and the LIV Golf circuitThe Open Championship winner, who is also a two-time winner of the Open Championship, will be financing the event. Greg Norman. Woods stated that the competing tours cannot reach a compromise until Norman is removed as LIV Golfs commissioner and CEO. This matches McIlroys statement earlier this month in Dubai.

LIV Golf and a few players filed a federal antitrust suit against the PGA Tour. The lawsuit claims that the PGA Tour illegally suspended LIV Golf players from competing in LIV Golf tournaments. The PGA Tour is also using its monopoly power over squash competition. LIV Golf allegedly violated existing contracts with its members, according to the countersuit filed by the PGA Tour.

Woods replied, Right Now as It Is, not right now with their leadership, nor with Greg there, his animosity toward the tour itself, when asked if he believed LIV Golf, PGA Tour, and PGA Tour could coexist. I dont think that will happen. Rory and I both said it, Greg needs to go. Then we can, hopefully, have a stay in between the lawsuits and come up with a solution. If you have a lawsuit against yourself, why would you want to change anything? They sued us first.

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