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Golf fans will need to wait a few weeks to see the new video Tiger WoodsPlay again.

The 15-time major champion was Forced to withdraw from this weeks Hero World ChallengeBecause of plantar fasciitis, he is unable to play in the tournament he hosts in The Bahamas.

Woods claimed that doctors told him that the condition was caused by severe injuries to his right leg, foot, and ankle in a car accident outside Los Angeles in February 2021. Woods also said that he has had two additional surgeries in recent years.

Woods, 46, stated that he would still play in two events next month as he can use a cart. Woods, world No. 1 golfer Rory McIlroyWill battle Jordan SpiethAnd Justin ThomasThe Match is the latest edition, and it will be played on December 10 at Pelican golf club outside Tampa, Florida.

Woods can also be used Charlie will be joining him in the game., at the PNC Championship in Orlando (Florida) on December 17-18.

Woods met with media for the first-time since Julys 150th Open Championship in St. Andrews. During a 30-minute news conference, Woods spoke about a wide range of topics, including his health and future plans, LIV Golfs ongoing battle, and other subjects.

Are you surprised that you were unable to participate in the Hero World Challenge?

WOODS: It got worse as I walked more and faster. Plantar fasciitis can cause you to walk a lot. I was trying to get my legs ready for this event so I started walking more. So, heres the bottom line. [I]Had to close it down and, unfortunately be the host of this event and Ranger Rick out there. So thats what I can do.

What is your goal for next years in terms of how many tournaments and wins you want?

WOODS: Our goal is to play only the major championships, and perhaps one or two more. Thats it. Physically, its all that I can do. I said that. [at]This years beginning was also my favorite. I dont have much left on this leg, so get ready for the biggest ones. And hopefully, lightning catches in one bottle, and Im in contention for a win. I hope that I can remember how to do this. Im giving myself another chance to get out there. I didn’t expect to play three majors this season, as I said. We had been hoping for the British Open. However, I was able two more. This was a major positive.

It was a hard work effort to get to this point. I know that you cant play. Is there a part of your that says, Why stop trying? Why not keep trying? I have nothing else to prove.

WOODS: I love competing. I love sports. Ive been playing sports almost all my adult life. Ive been playing pro football for over half of my life. Its easy to see that I have loved this sport for a lot of my life. Its just that my body isnt able to do the things I feel I can do mentally. While I was at home, I was shooting 4, 5, 6 and 7 under par as if it were nothing, but I was riding in a cart. Then you add walking, and the problem disappears. So I need to get to the point where I can walk and play in the same way as you guys. Im not capable of doing that right now.

Is it possible that you have regressed in your comeback after the latest setback?

WOODS: It will probably take a month or so of rest. It was also the ramping up process that made it possible. Its a delicate balance, right? How hard can you push it to make it move, while not pushing it too far to go off the edge? Thats the balance act for the year. You should be prepared for this event. I tried to replicate the sand here by going on a lot of beach walks, but my foot didnt like it very much.

Have you ever thought about using a golf cart at a PGA Tour event.

WOODS: Whats the PGA Tour like? No. No. My teammate was Casey Martin from OK. I voted against what he did with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). I think [walking]It is an integral part the game at our level. I will never drive a golf cart until it has been approved. Its approved on the Champions Tour, and the PNC is a part of that. I would not do that if it was a regular event.

Rory McIlroy claimed in a published article last week that He gave you COVID-19Just before the Open Championship at St. Andrews. Did you ever get tested?

WOODS : Yes, I was tested. I was always negative. I felt under the weather.

What kind of surprises would you get if you looked back one year ago and looked into the future?

WOODS – Personallly, I was hoping maybe to play the British Open. [but]I ended up playing 3 majors, which isnt bad considering all that. Although I didnt expect to have to go through more procedures due to playing, thats how it works. I dont think we could have foreseen the complexity and the animosity between the two sides in the golf ecosystem. Its not something I would have predicted a year ago.

Do you see LIV golf and the PGA Tour coexisting in the future?

WOODS: Both organizations can put a stop to their litigation. But thats the problem. They have to put a stop on it. It doesnt matter if they do, it wont stop you from trying to negotiate if there is a lawsuit against you. If they have a stay, then a break, and then they can meet to figure out something, then maybe there is something. But I think [LIV Golf CEO and commissioner] Greg [Norman]First, the litigation against us and then the countersuit against them would have to go. Those would also need to be at a stay. We can then all talk freely.

It is as it is. Not with their leadership, and not with Greg there, his animosity towards tour. I dont think that will happen. Rory said it and I agreed with him, Greg has to go. We can then, hopefully, get a stay between these lawsuits and work out a solution. You cant change anything if there is a lawsuit against your. They sued us first.

Do both sides need to agree to a compromise?

WOODS, Yes, I don’t know if it’s me, Rory, or the tour. Or other players. While I wouldn’t necessarily say a peacemaker. But I do think that there’s a window of opportunity to work this out from both tours. The majors are approaching now, and theyll have their own criteria for majors. I believe that window is closing. If they can do it quickly, they will. But again, thats back to LIV. They are suing us first, and we counter-sued them. If they can do that quickly, they will withdraw from the table. Then well be able to have a place for discussion. Their leadership must change. If it doesnt, I believe it will continue down the same path as it is now.

Rory McIlroy was interviewed by you and Rory McIlroy before the BMW Championship in Wilmington (Delaware) in August. Why did you feel it was important for you and what was your message?

WOODS: The message is that we cannot compete dollar for dollar against Woods [Saudi Arabias Public Investment Fund]Its not possible for us to physically do that. We can talk about better opportunities for younger players to get on the tour, what it takes to play the tour and how important it it is to leave a legacy. [to]You will be able win major championships.

We dont yet know the position of the major championships on this. Tour players know that they are in the major championships and that they are in the top 50. This is a guarantee. But the other players don’t. They are taking a chance of never, ever getting a chance at major championships. And where does your legacy lie? You know, I was there. [LIV]I did a lot of tour and made a lot of cash, but I never won any tournaments that are of high value that would have put me in the Hall of Fame or other things of that nature.

Yes, it was. There was much talk about how we can increase purses and reward players who are more visible than those who drive the economy. [PGA]They will be rewarded and given better access to the tour at all ages and in different ways than they have ever had in the past. It was a long meeting. There were many options and we all had time to think about it. Weve had many FaceTime meetings, numerous meetings, and we tried to figure it all out. We also worked with the tour in an effort to make it better.

Rory has been as vocal as you about LIV golf. What do YOU think of Rorys leadership on the PGA Tour.

WOODS – Rory has shown that leaders are capable of doing what he has done. Rory is a true leader on tour. Rory is a true leader on tour. His ability to communicate his thoughts clearly and articulately, while still winning golf tournaments, is amazing. People dont realize how difficult that is to do. Hes been amazing. Hes a great leader in the calls we make and a great leader with all of us. He is respected by everyone. They respect him for his driving and his ballstriking. But they also respect him for the person hes become.

How has LIV Golf threatened to change the way the PGA Tour operates?

WOODS: There was some ebb, flow, and some give-and take from the commissioners and their staff. This year, I believe, was the most open and honest year that we have had to be able talk to our commissioner. [Jay Monahan]And say, These are the things that we want improve on the tour. Heres a list of their priorities. Jay was present for a lot these meetings, conference calls, and Rory and I talked to him as well.

While I believe we have made great changes, how can we replenish players who have left? This gives players, whether they are collegiate or amateur, more opportunities to play. The game has become more youthful. You can see that guys are winning majors in their 20s and 30s. We also want to see younger players come in and play the game of golf, experience the tour, and hopefully win major championships.

Phil Mickelson received a lot of criticism for complaining about the PGA Tour. Do you think Mickelson owes an apology for all that has happened on tour, including the increased purses?

WOODS – No, absolutely not. During the pandemic, we took out a large loan. This meant that if there was another year of the pandemic our tour could not be continued for another year. We took out an enormous loan. It worked. We got the benefit of it.

What do you think the end result of LIV Golf is going to look like?

WOODS: We don’t know. No one knows. Right now, there is a lot of animosity from their leadership. They want to be a validated tour with world ranking point and theyre purchasing tours around the world. I don’t know what their end goal is. It could be as simple as being an official member in good standing of the golf ecosystem or being awarded world ranking points. I believe thats their goal.

Theyve spent close to $2B this year, you know. They can spend $4, who are they to deny? [billion]Or $5 billion next fiscal year? We dont even know. Its an endless source of money. But it doesnt automatically create legacies. You might want to compare yourself with [Ben]Hogan, you want a comparison of yourself to [Sam]You are Snead and you want to make a comparison to [Jack] Nicklaus. Its impossible to do that over there but it is possible on this tour.

Is it good for golf that there is still animosity among the tours?

WOODS: I believe it must start with leadership from their side. The current situation is not in the best interest of the entire game of golf. What is the best way to grow our game? Its not so. You must have both the bodies to come together. How do you deal with animosity from one side, or someone trying to ruin our tour?

Youve Two years consecutively, the Player Impact Program was wonEven though he only played nine rounds in three majors last season, he still managed to win. What are your thoughts on PIP, and what do you think?

WOODS: Everything changes. I mean, take a look at FedEx [Cup]Iterations that weve had. One of the years Vijay [Singh]He didnt even need to tee up. He didn’t even have to attend the last tournament, the season-ending event, to win the FedEx Cup. Weve seen different iterations and theres no difference in the FedEx Cup. Im sure there will be many iterations of this in the future. There is no perfect system. You want the people who drive the tour, the most visible players, and the people who watch golf because these players are there. [to]It will be well-recognized. We haven’t yet found the right model, but we will. We are still working on it.

LIV Golf hopes to be recognized by Official World Golf Ranking. What are your thoughts about the current OWGR

WOODS – Its a flawed system. We all know this. The field at [the DP World Tour Championship at]Dubai scored fewer points than [the RSM Classic at]Sea Island and many other top players were in Dubai to see the flaws of the system. How can you fix it? Those are the meetings were going have to have. Its going to be necessary to have it with. [the OWGR]committee and the main tours that are involved in it. We came up with a better system then the one we have now. I remember that I was ranked No. 1 after I had a big lead in the career. I didnt need to play any tournaments the next year. 1. We made changes to that system. It has been modified in the past and Im certain that it will be changed again soon.

What are your thoughts about the past year of professional mens golf?

WOODS : Well, this whole year, I think its something we didn’t expect to happen — the animosity and angst, and then players leaving, and then their disrespect or disdain for the tour that helped them to get to that point. There are many things I dont like about it. Some players have made it clear and I admire that. But I also found the flip side of that, which I thought was a little too tasteless.

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