Skechers Go Golf Elite 4 Golf Shoe Review

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This Skechers Men’s Elite 4 shoes review will show why these are some of the best golf shoes available.

Because let’s face it, your golf shoes can make or break your round. There’s nothing worse than dealing with sore, uncomfortable feet while trying to play golf (especially if you’re walking). Its hard enough to play golf, but sweaty, achy feet can make it even more difficult.

Skechers is here to offer their comfort to all golfers.

Skechers Men’s Elite 4 Shoes Review

The Key Takeaways

  • Skechers offers spikeless and spiked golf shoes.
  • They’re very affordable and great for all types of golfers and weather conditions.
  • Skecher Elite 4 is a great option for spikeless shoes and comes in a variety colors.

Continue reading to find out why these are the best golf shoes available.

Extremely Comfortable

Perhaps the most popular point with which to sell is these golf shoesSkechers shoes offer extreme comfort. Ever since I bought my first pair of Skechers I’ve been buying more and more as I truly think they’re the most comfortable shoes in golf.


While they might not be as “trendy” as some brands, they’re no doubt some of the most comfortable. Anytime I have a walking event I always wear Skechers as I know my feet won’t bother me for the six miles (or more) of walking.

They are lightweight and very responsive thanks to the ULTRA Go Cushioning technology. They also feature a Skecher Goga max cushioned insole that is high rebound. I’ve worn other pairs of Skechers for years and never had to replace the insole.

Simple Design

Skechers isn’t the trendiest company in a fashion sense but they all have a simple design. The Elite 4 are more attractive than some of their models, and will match almost any golf outfit.


These shoes have a traditional lace-up front and a padded collar. They are easy to slip on with the pull-on top loop.

These shoes have a non-slip sole, unlike other models. GRIPFLEX gives them a lot more traction and stability for your swing. You definitely won’t have to worry about slipping with these golf shoes.

Multiple Color Options

These shoes are comfortable and come in a variety of colors to match your outfit. They’re available in white/navy, white/gray, and gray/red.


Optional Upgrade: Skechers Golf Elite

Skechers Go Golf Elite shoes are a step up to the Elite 4 and are a great choice if you play in damp conditions. These shoes offer all the same perks as the ones mentioned above, but also have a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry.


While I think you’ll love these Elite 4 golf shoesSkechers also offers many other great options. These are some of our favorite.

Skechers Go Golf Arch Fit

If the arches of your feet need even more support, you can’t beat these golf shoes. Skechers stated on their website that they believe this. “The right support makes a world of difference with Skechers GO GOLF Arch Fit® – Line Up. This lace-up spikeless golf design features a water-repellent mesh and synthetic upper with a removable Arch Fit® insole and Goodyear® Performance Outsole.”


These shoes were created by a podiatrist with 20 years worth of data. They were based on 100,000+ foot scans. They come with a removable insole which molds to your feet and improves weight distribution. The shoe also features Goodyear outsoles that provide more stability and traction for every swing.

They may not be as visually appealing as other shoes, but they are made to keep your feet cool and comfortable. Plus, they’re available in multiple sizes, colors, and have a traditional lacing system.

Skechers Go Golf Pro 5 Hyper

If you prefer a traditional spiked golf shoe, it’s hard to beat the Go Golf Pro 5. These shoes come with replaceable soft spikes that provide maximum gripping and traction. If you’re the type of golfer who has a lot of lower body movement (but not quite as much as Scottie Schefler) these are a great option.


They are lightweight, waterproof, and come with a Skecher Arc Fit insole system (which can be removed). The shoes are not only water-resistant, but waterproof with a 2-year guarantee. They come in five color options, making them a great shoe for all year-round golf.

Skechers Max Cushioning

Max Cushioning is the best option for cushioned shoes. These shoes have more support than I’ve ever seen on a golf shoe!

They’re still very lightweight but have more cushion for extreme comfort all day long. They make it easy to walk on the golf course, despite having a 6 mm drop in heel and a 2-inch heel.

These shoes are water-resistant and have a relaxed fit for more space at the toe/forefoot. They also offer durable spikeless traction. They are also available with a traditional laces up front and in multiple colors.

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FAQ about Skechers Golf Shoes

Do you have any questions about Skechers golf shoes? Continue reading the frequently asked questions and answers below.

Are Skechers shoes waterproof?

Some of their shoes are waterproof, but not all. Make sure you read the product description. The Elite 4 shoes are water-repellent but not waterproof so they’re best for spring and summer golf. Plus, the light colors wouldn’t do as well in wet, muddy conditions.

Skechers makes wide golf shoes?

They have wide, extra-wide, and medium sizes. This is an advantage over many other brands that only offer wide or medium. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a narrow size option.

Skechers shoes fit true to size

Yes, I bought size 10, which I wear with Nike, FootJoy and other athletic shoes.

Are pros golfers wearing spikeless shoes?

Yes, professional golfers who play on the PGA Tour or LIV Golf use spikeless shoes. Others prefer traditional soft spikes for more traction. Learn more about golf spikes made of metal.

Are there any pros who wear Skechers on the golf course?

Yes, Skechers does have professional golfers wearing their shoes. Matt Fitzpatrick won the 2022 US Open. Other golfers include Colin Montgomerie and Matt Kuchar.

My Experience Wearing Skechers Golf Shoes

I absolutely love Skechers shoes and think they’re one of the best deals in golf. They’re very well priced, extremely comfortable, and last a long time. I have nothing but praise for the Skechers Elite 4 shoe.


Final Thoughts

The new Skechers Men’s Elite 4 golf shoesThese shoes are among the best in the industry. They’re lightweight, extremely comfortable, and offer tons of support (like all Skechers shoes).

Don’t make golf even more difficult by wearing shoes that aren’t comfortable! While I won’t say they’re the most fashionable shoes at times, I’ve yet to find a brand that is more comfortable.

Click here to order the Skechers Elite Golf Shoes.

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