Rory McIlroy betting favorite to win The Open, but long shot Tiger Woods is sportsbooks largest liability

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Rory McIlroyThe consensus favorite to win The Open, and the only golfer with odds of winning at the majority sportsbooks. But bettors from the U.S. as well as abroad cant resist backing long shots Tiger Woods.

McIlroy is 9-1 to win at St. Andrews this week, according to Caesars Sportsbook. Xander SchauffeleFollowing his win at the Scottish Open in Glasgow, he is next at 14-1. Scottie Scheffler, Jordan SpiethAnd Jon RahmEach 16-1. McIlroy was co-favorites with Rahm as recently as June at Caesars Sportsbook. But McIlroy is now the favorite.

Woods can be found at 110-1 to win, making him the biggest liability for multiple sportsbooks. Woods is listed at 65-1 by Caesars Sportsbook. The liability for Woods winning the tournament exceeds that of any other player in the field.

Anthony Salleroli, Caesars Sportsbooks lead golf trader, stated that The Tiger appeal will always be there. His natural odds of winning are likely closer to 125-1, truth be told. You can mitigate some of his liability by keeping his number low. However, you will still have huge liability because people want the Cinderella tale.

DraftKings reported that more money was being placed on Woods winning than any other golfer as of Tuesday. BetMGMGM and PointsBets worst result was Woods winning. BetMGM received $4,500 in Woods at 40-1 as the largest reported bet.

Woods is a popular bet in Europe. Paddy Power ranks him 10th in terms number of bets, according to Rachael Kane (spokesperson for the Irish sportsbook).

Woods isnt the only long-shot veteran to attract big bets. BetMGM reported placing a $1,000 bet. Phil MickelsonYou can win at 250-1

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